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Tired of It

I am just so tired of dating. You get 3 or 4 dates a week and then in a month 1 might be good but he of course has 50 other options so then you're back to square one and you don't feel like you're getting anywhere. I am not trying to hate on a lot of guys but please let us speak during a date. Nothing infuriates us more than a guy who keeps cutting us off again and again. I don't really care how much money you have or what you do for a living as long as you work hard and have a mission statement with solid milestones. There are some quality guys in Vancouver but there just aren't enough to go around.

What is going on?

A team of 200 scientists team up to take the first images of a black hole EVER. This is the object that is the creating point for galaxies! Kendall Jenner send picture at Coachella with Hailey Baldwin. Take a guess with one got 2 million likes? SAD!!! SAD!!! The world is going down a social media drain at light speed...

I Gave Up

After I met you I deleted my Tinder account, my Facebook Dating account, my PoF account, my OkCupid account, my AdultFriendFinder account, and my CumMeetMeinAlley account

Now I feel better....

....turns out half of Trump’s executive team either ignored, or frustrated, his wacky orders. Turns out there are a few adults at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave after all. Nice to know as this sh*t show winds down.

Alternate Reality

I've had a few dreams where I'm near Broadway and Cambie at night but it's slightly different. There's a bit more space around the buildings, some are larger and take up most of a block and there's also a park to the east.

Not In My Head

I am dating this girl and I went to pick her up at her parents house and I swear her mom made a move on me. She was wearing a shirt with no bra and bent over right in front of me and then smiled at me. She literally told me in body language that she wanted to go upstairs with me. My male friends are telling me this could be an amazing opportunity. The kind that comes once in a lifetime. My friends that are women think I am crazy and this is all in my head and if it isn't I am a disgusting pervert. I think I am just going to lay low and pretend this never happened. Sometimes you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I’m turning into my mom

I’ve started to drink instant coffee like her because I can’t stand the idea of one Starbucks coffee at $5 each. I’m happy to stay at home this long Easter weekend because I can’t summon the strength to plan, plot and execute a weekend of out-of-town fighting long weekend out-of-town traffic. I understand now why my mom would just lie in bed after a long day at work and ask me to massage her legs. My daily grind is exhausting and all I want to do when I get home is put on my old sweatshirt and shorts and flake out. My mom would never show up empty-handed. She always brought something to the party even if it was modest. And I do this too, bringing treats to my friends or siblings or the deserving coworker. She grew up in an era of scarcity and still to this day will save glass jars and plastic containers for future re-use. The extra stuff would drive me bonkers in my small living space, but I try and re-use like she does and getting off the never ending treadmill of buying and throwing stuff out. The one thing that I won’t repeat of hers though is eating Kraft Singles. Life is too short for process cheese.

I just don’t care red

I just don’t care about the people complaining they can’t affoed a home in vancouver. Just like I don’t care if they can’t afford in Whistler, Zurich, New York etc etc. Some cities are expensive. You get what you can offer in life. Good news is you are allowed to work harder and earn more.

We're learning nothing from history

Repetition tricks the mind to think it's group concensus. Politicians do it a lot. I fear that the Conservatives want power at any cost. I fear that the Conservative media combines this repetition trick with the excessive broadcasting of fear while appealing to base greed. Look at the trolls on here, repeating hate over and over. These sway people. It worked in the USA, and I fear that it's working here too. I fear that the Conservatives know that, and are imitating the same tricks that Trump does to gain power. We all think we're different from the USA, that we'd never make the same mistakes. Guess again; Ontario and Alberta are showing us otherwise. I think we are just like the USA, and fear that the Conservatives want it this way. I fear that they have deals with the US Republicans for personal profit, even if it means selling Canada's soul, pushing for two-tier health care and cuts in education to appease their masters south of the border. I fear that Canada is losing itself, and that when we figure it out it will be too late.


Tongue-tied again... sigh...

You were waiting to cross the street, I was crossing over to your corner. You smiled and said &...

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