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So Tim Horton’s apparently has new lids with maple leafs on them to look more Canadian. How about they go back to basics and sell good coffee and fresh donuts at a reasonable price and forget the rest of it. Don’t even get me started on their customer service.

Started the Day

With dad jokes! And it's only 7 in the morning.

Vancouver changes

I think the culture of Vancouver has changed a lot over the years. It used to be hippies who promoted peace and love and welcomed everyone to the community. It has now become global elites who move here for corporate office jobs and promote "foodieism" and spend tons on lunches that they take photos of. Vancouver does have a really good variety of diverse and good quality food, but I also see that people are getting fatter. I wonder if it's because the outdoorsy hippies are on their way out and corporate foodie types are on the way in. I would love to see an obesity report on Vancouver. We have always been the most in shape... but now? Is the tide changing?

Dear guys on the online dating pool:

If you look fucking 40 don't put 32, ok . I know that a 32 year old man does not have alot of eye bags and grey hair seriosly. I admit some can get away with it, may be 10% , but 90% of the time I can tell you are not in your twenties. Thanks sincerely swipe left/ no thanks.

Its You

I have a few friends that are women and they often complain to me about not being able to meet a guy. I tell them straight up that they're good looking and not crazy so they really have nobody to blame but themselves. Not hard meeting guys when you're good looking. I mean they get asked out at least twice a day. How hard is it to show up at some event with one of your girlfriends like a super-car trade-show show or a Rolex trade show or something. There are a lot of single eligible bachelors at these types of events. They just have to show up and give their numbers to someone they find attractive and nice. Do that enough times and you'll have a boyfriend. I told them they need to lower their standards or else they're going to end up alone. The clocks ticking and when they turn 30 the guys they rejected at 25 will start to look good and at 35 the guys they rejected at 30 will look really good. Some other women sometimes tell me I am being mean but I am not going to tell people the world is all sugar and spice and that everything will work out because that's not reality. Some people end up alone and that's just a fact. Sometimes the truth hurts but its my duty to not sugarcoat reality for these women.

All these women

Pretending they're alright without me. Pshaw! I see through it- always have


You can have him, jules. Enjoy.

Cowards you go out looking for a constant stream of angry bitter men who are filled with a hate on for women? Maybe that's all you attract being that's all you are. Hey if you're gonna dish it out expect it back with interest.


I have to ask why the fuck anyone cares about this chick Halsey and her assless chaps? How is that an article? Not only does she have the most annoying voice on the face of the earth but her “twerk” video is the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. How do these people get fans? What the fuck is happening to music? Who the fuck listens to the crap?


Weekend Brunch with your son

I saw you having breakfast with your son when I walked in with my daughter. I gave you a little...

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