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Even as someone who was born and raised here, I have a hard time making friends. All the long time friends I have are busy with a family, and/or are not very active. I am very active and most people can't keep up with me. I end up doing a lot of things alone. I feel so lonely. Most of the time my guy friends are up for something, but some female friends who are too would be nice.

No really sure what to do

I wish my wife understood that sometimes I don’t want to have sex because I am emotionally drained. I don’t have space for anyone else’s needs (usually only for a short while). It has nothing to with her or my attraction to her. I am happy to help her climax but if she is looking to connect or something more than physical release(sometimes that is all I want as well) I may need an hour after work to decompress or time where I don’t feel I am needed or something is wanted of me. Does anyone know how to stop doing emotional labour at work? What do you do in those few moments when your needs are in complete opposition with someone you love?

As a Dude

As a dude with girlfriends, I'm getting tired of hanging out with them only to hear constant complaining. Job, boyfriend, friends, money etc. It's just this high pitched loud complaining. I try to say nothing and just nod my head and be an understanding ear to hear what they have to say. But it's getting old, really old. One day I will snap, or I'll just stop seeing them. I can't remember the last time they even asked about me. Guess that's why I'm the nice guy, for now.

My birthday

My birthday was yesterday and what I learned so far is live more and worry less.

So there’s this guy...

who lives in my apartment. He is so handsome. He reminds me of Mike from the show Suits, actor Patrick J Adams. If I didn’t have a boyfriend I’d make a move on him.


is my all time favorite.

Curious about the world

Now that the west is standing up for its rights on the international stage, everything is going to shit. Has the key to global peace been submitting to overseas regimes and turning a blind-eye to their actions all this time?


it's really frustrating when you do the responsible thing and 'reach out' - only to find that unless you're actively using, harming, drinking, delusional or planning on offing yourself, coastal health doesn't seem to have bupkes for you. i wouldn't mind if it wasn't for all the bullshit about how you should seek help BEFORE you get into that zone. admit that there is none till you're there, and i'll cross 'rage disorder' off the list of things that i guess i'll just keep on keeping on with alone.

Drunk showers -

it’s a thing. Well, so I found out (for the first time) a few weeks back. The thing is, I’ve never been that insanely drunk before. I have to admit, I was always a casual drinker. A few weeks ago, I went out with classmates to celebrate the end of our health science bachelor’s and we all had a few too many (hah, ironic, I know). I didn’t black out, as most millennials tend to do when they go overboard with the drinking, so I remembered my night. One thing I remembered in particular: my shower at 3am. I remember sitting there, in the warmest shower I’ve ever had, eating my twenty piece chicken nuggets and drinking my iced coffee from McDonald’s. I confess that this was probably my favourite shower ever. Now I don’t know if that’s sad or just embarrassing...but it feels good to get that little thing off my mind (even though that shower pops in my head at random times).


At whole foods Cambie in line

I saw you and we chatted after you knocked over the shelf as we were in line. Then we chatted...

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