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I’m a loser. Can’t even win a roll up the rim.

I confess

I can't get over my significant other cheating even though this past year they have seemingly changed their bad habits. I just feel like a big L O S E R . I have never liked coming in second place. How do you get over the need to be the best?

Acceptance vs suffering

I kind of laugh and feel bad for people when they post about things like backpacks on buses, excessive perfume, bad drivers, people on smartphones, etc. These are things that humans do, and will likely continue to do. If you get angry every time you see someone walking with their phone, you are going to have a very miserable life.


Thought someone cared but it was just a scared stalker.. Funny

Older Man Crush

I'm 27 and I have a major crush on this guy at my work and he is 45.

Extremely annoyed

I keep trying to reach translink with no answer about a huge problem. I rely on c23 as I am injured and every time I try to catch it I have to wait for two or three buses to go by before I can find one with an open seat. If they know they are over capacity why don’t they increase service? Can I invoice translink all my taxi fare I’ve been forced to take on due to the lack of basic fucking service ?!

Spring Fever Selfies

I was at Kits Beach today, and I couldn't believe the gals taking selfies and posing in bikinis.! I'm not complaining one bit, but it's kinda silly taking a million selfies of yourself, as I witnessed today. Oh well there are worse things I guess! Lol

OK I confess I did not know

That you could offend someone by offering them your seat on Skytrain. Senior lady walking slowly with a cane, offered my seat and received a shake of the head, a frown and a loud “NO!!” Happened a few times the past several weeks. Won’t happen again, no more polite offers from me.


I'm trying to gain weight so that girls will like me. Girls sometimes say they like skinny guys, but their idea of skinny is my idea of jacked. 6'2" and 180 lbs is not skinny! That's jacked! Do you understand how much working out and careful eating it takes to get a body like that!


Girl in the red coat

I sat across from you on the number 3 bus this morning. You were wearing a bright red coat. We...

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