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Life of a man

I was 29 years old before a woman other than my mom called me handsome.

Finally I am brave

I recently gained the courage to become more assertive and stop putting up with my unacceptable work situation. This week I will talk to someone important who will hopefully help me fix things and I will also ask out this guy who I've liked for awhile, but maybe next week hahaha. I am scared but I think I will do all of this. Wish me luck!

Nightmares About Work

When I start dreaming about things I need to do at work and wake up to a mess at home, I know that the stress is starting to get to me and either it's time to go on vacation or move on. The truth is I know exactly what's bothering me and what I need to do.

Take On Me

I feel like the male protagonist at the end of the video, thrashing back and forth against the door jamb, caught between the comic book world and the human world, just trying to reunite with my person.

That time of year again

So I'm very, very faired skinned with nearly white hair. I'm like that all year, but the moment summer rolls around random people suddenly feel the need to come up to me and make comments about my appearance. I just dont get it.. Tell me is that not a bit rude?! I find it very uncomfortable being suddenly looked at like some kind of specimen just because the sun is out. And quite frankly, it's just so awkward. What the hell am I supposed to say to some stranger telling me how quickly I must get burnt. "Um... yeah... thanks for telling me I didn't already know that smartass..." seriously just keep your thoughts to yourself.


I was in a very safe marriage. Big house and a good guy but there was no excitement. I felt trapped. It was a life of excess but I wasn't happy. Money doesn't buy you happiness. I met an artist and he changed my life. He had this zest for life and excitement. I left my husband to be with this man. We were poor but so happy. Everyday was a new adventure. Don't waste your life with someone who is safe spend it with someone who lights your soul on fire.

Boo Boo

I left my money on the table at the Ivanhoe when I went to the restroom. Silly me.

More please

It doesn't really matter what it is, I just want more. To fill the void within.

I confess I’m a total gym rat.

And I just bought a condo with a fully-equipped, awesome gym in the building. And no one seems to use it except me. Awesome perk, my own personal gym, kind of a dream come true for a guy who has paid steep monthly gym dues, put up with crowded peak times for the past 20 years or so.


Park and Fly Shuttle Bus - Secret Admirer

You were wearing a jacket that said BTA Academy on it and have curly hair. We were both in the...

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