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Audio Voyeur

I confess, I try to listen when I can hear my neighbours having sex. I wish they were louder.

Don't eat out anymore

I hardly ever eat out or else I have to tip a ludicrous amount. Even if I tip 20%, I usually never get a thank you from the server. A server I went to school with posted on FB. She said that people who can't afford to tip shouldn't go to a restaurant. I wish consumers had an anti-tipping union right about now. She tends to think she is entitled to a good wage while everyone else has to suffer through life.

Long time coming

Finally! So glad we’re getting the Skytrain line extended from King George into Langley City. It should have been done a long time ago, but it never happened thanks to the pandering and lollygagging of stupid politicians. Nobody even wanted LRT in the first place so we all made it very clear in the last election. Anyways, really looking forward to this new line. Perhaps I’ll be the first one to ride it on opening day.

Life Fog

I was never a good worker cog, Can't fake respect for the capitalist hog, I don't want babies and I don't want to jog, Just a perpetual beach bum against a log, dreaming of a girl shaped like a frog.

My Partner

He hurts me emotionally over and over and over.... yet sugar coats everything by being my best friend. He knows i can't leave him... he knows that. He hurts me time and time again.... he knows I'll keep taking the pain. It's a cycle I will never be able to escape from.

Don't look in that box!

Would you like to know my deepest, darkest fear? Is it public speaking? Nope. Being alone? Nope. Death? Heck no. It is that if I die in some unexpected way before my parents and my mom ends up sorting through my stuff and finding my fleshlight.

Dining out in Vancouver

With every passing day, cooking and eating at home seems more and more inviting. I simply can't get behind dining out in this city anymore. Walking into a restaurant brings you face to face with obnoxiously loud music (always the same 5 songs, every time), and deafening ambient noise. Why is every table always packed full of people screaming into their phones? Why is a lousy pint of beer easily $9-10 now, and why does the server who brings it to me and then vanishes for 45 minutes expect a 25 percent tip on top of that? Making your own food at home (and buying your own beer) is way less stress. You save a ton of money, can be in your sweatpants, and aren't stuck with any annoying people around you at all. (And before anyone asks, I'm in my mid-30s, and a guy - so I can only imagine how folks older than me might feel). Has eating out - even causally - gotten less and less pleasant (or affordable) in this city? Or is it just me?

Unrequited nusance

I get crushes on people quite easily. I know it’s just chemicals releasing in my body but infatuation to me now adays is more of a pain in the ass than a fun thing. Unrequited crushes are always uncomfortable but it’s even worse when you can recognize your own pattern but it still won’t go away.

I confess

I have just been recently been given a gift from someone who I think I'm not entirely aware of. It was just about the strangest darkest and fear filled experience I had to face. See I some how forget fear is healthily part of the human experience. So when very young not sure how it suddenly became a robotic pass off. I missed something big time it's a thank you. You have changed my life because I survived that which I'm sure was only bringing death. It had totally new experience because now I love another with this unrecognized heart felt feeling that I'm now very drawn to. I was terrified not that this time I may not see her again, nope that possibly I may not get to know as I must, I need it, I want it. She is all I have ever been seeking and I think we both know she is an unbelievable being of unseen strength and a beauty. Sure it's totally fucked I get it this is a not Monday after school special b.s tv show were talking about a movie with a heavy rating. So the reason I have to be so thankful is you gave me the power and intestinal fortitude to go after this. It's an ugly metaphor but completely applicable because it refers to the strength of self within I had previously lacked to finish anything. So grateful yes, scared of course, but it feels like I'm actually living for the first time ever. Thank you help me again now I beg you. I did not pick this it was pushed on me I believe because there is something bigger and better has yet to write it's finish. You are the only reason she and I would of ever had a shot. Ball struck heading to net, it's your play "friend".

Depressed when visiting parents

Is it normal? I moved away to get some freedom to be myself and when I’m visiting, I’m stuck hearing moral judgments that I have to conform to all the time. I’m not conservative by any means, so I tend to feel trapped. Does this happen to other people?


Lookin' Back to See

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