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It's not so much that I want you to love me. It's that I want someone to prove that I'm worthy of love.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

There's a wonderful young woman at work with anterior pelvic tilt. Every time I see her, I want to kiss her bottom.

OK rude gym patrons

I’ve tried being patient, polite, even altering my routine so I don’t have to be in your vicinity. No more. You wanna be a selfish prick, I’m gonna be in your face now! You’ve been warned.

South park

The show still occasionally packs a kick. I thought that the PC babies skit was hilarious. My girlfriend did not laugh. Mars and Venus strikes again.

Bushy Eyebrows

balding head, overly hairy body, wimpy voice, small hands and feet, tacky sleeve’s amazing what people will settle for when they’re desperate.

I’m just waiting for the year to end

This hasn’t been a good year for me. My parents are getting old, my brother is getting divorced, my wife lost her job, I’ve had to fight tooth and nail for recognition at work, nights out have gone sideways, attending events have been disappointing, side hustles have been too much stress and not worth the money they bring in, I can go on. There’s been only small fragments of joy this year: a few days of vacation, seeing something new, learning at a workshop or two. Pretty much everything has been uphill and unsatisfying when I’ve reached the summit. I just want this year to end and I want to clear this feeling of disappointment and start 2019, leaving this behind me once and for all. I’m exhausted from putting in so much effort for so little gain, all year.

Thank You for the Gentle Course Correction

I was so confused by whether ours was a close friendship or the beginning of a relationship. I think you were flattered by my long looks at you - lord knows you would eat compliments three meals a day if you could. I was amazed by your stares at me. But now I think those stares were not attraction, but contemplation. You were deciding how to manage me compassionately, weren’t you? I think you sensed my confusion so you began talking about other women being hot - women who look nothing like me - and other women that you keep on the line, including an old flame that you call up from time to time. I’m sorry it took me so long but I got it now, pal. Give me some time to focus on your negatives and the attraction will wear off for me. And then we can settle into being friends.

No thanks, no way, no how

I’m not interested in going to my upcoming staff Xmas party for a number of reasons. It’s on a night where I have to get up bright and early for a shift the next morning. Also, I deal enough with idiots at work and to have to see more of them past work hours sounds sickening. And I hate drinking so it won’t be fun to watch them all get drunk. It’s a lame excuse for employees,managers and supervisors to get completely wasted and gossip about other people. I’m capable of being relatively happy on my own, so I’m just going to embrace the solitude by enjoying a nice quiet evening at home.


New high rise about to start across the street. Another on the corner. And oh yes yet one or two more down the street. Add to that the TUNNEL! in the works nearby and it just might be time to move. Where are my trousers?

Not much influence

I can't stand social media influencer's. These jackasses call up my business for free shit and give me a whole speech about the 50K followers they have. So they want some free shit to give me a mention. So where are these 50K people? What are the chances they will visit Vancouver and my business? What's my expected ROI on giving you a freebe? Why is the grammar on your site so bad? Remove your head from your anus. We all want to go through life getting free shit and showing off to others. Doesn't mean I have to give in.

Take my mind off

Work stressed me out so much today that I smoked some weed and had two beers to take my mind off. Apparently they say it’s bad to mix booze with pot though nothing happened. I just fell asleep and copped some Zs.

I wish I knew

what could possibly make me feel better. Heroin? Anything? I'm desperate for whatever might help, even temporarily.

Effective communication

I confess that I’m amazed at how many adults have still not learned that shouting or saying abusive and mean things is never going to work if you actually want to communicate with another person. I get that we all get frustrated and angry at times. What I don’t get is that so many people don’t seem to have ANY filter! Grow up people! It’s never okay to just let loose on someone, even if you’re really angry and you have lots of mean things in your head that you could say. Even if they’re saying mean things to you. True maturity means that you have the ability to keep some things to yourself. If you’re angry just walk away before you unleash the demons in your head.

Damaged much?

How damaged do you have to be to get so much pleasure from sh*tting all over someone else? Really makes your day to ruin someone else's, doesn't it? You're so desperate to damage other people that you're blind to the fact that it isn't actually helping you erase your damage. Not. one. little. bit. After the initial rush you get from hurting and controlling someone else, how do you feel? Better? Not for long, genius. Here's the big secret – you're the only one who can fix your own damage. It'll never, ever leave you if you don't start working on it. So pry open your wallet and get some therapy already, Einstein, because one day you're going to try to shit on someone even more damaged than you and they are going to put you down for good.

Big man - small dick

Parents, coaches and general observers who go out of their way to yell nasty abuse at referees at kids sports games must have sad lives. Thanks for your positive input - not! Stay home and fuck your hand instead of coming to games.


Tank and the Bangas

I saw you all beautiful people, jamming and dancing hard to this incredible set. I've seen...