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I Miss The Thrushes

I don't hear their song anymore. I used to know it was summer by waking up to them singing in the trees by my window. And there were other song birds in the mix too. Where have they all gone?

Beds a rockin'

There are not many things that make me feel lonelier than when I hear the couple below me making love. Except when I hear the couple below me and the couple above me making love at the same time. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I feel like crying, and sometimes I do.

3 summers ago

I went to UBC Emerg. and was treated by a student doctor. I was sick with the flu and he was so kind and gentle. He told me I could tell him anything, he would never judge me. I couldnt.. He had no idea the hell I was actually going thru at the time. ( it ment a lot though, his kind words and I never forgot them or him. When he touch me, I felt fire. And it was not the flu! So Odd. So Cute Never saw him again, but I so wanted too.

Not Fair

I am at a job that's boys club that I am not a part of. Its hard to explain but the guys play poker together on weeknights and they entertain clients at strip clubs. I have never been invited to play poker or invited to entertain clients. I am not o.k. with the strip club part but I could entertain them at Starbucks or Red Robin. It really bothers me because they hired someone new and they initiated him by getting him black out drunk. Now he's invited to everything and one of the guys. I am in the same department but have not been invited to these events. I am invited to all the women's events with the Admin Staff and Accounting Staff. Anytime I am around its like they're on their best behavior but the minute I leave I hear fart noises and all the guys laughing. I am a cool girl and I have two older brothers so I know a fart noise when I hear one. I just think this is blatant sexism and I am thinking about going to a Lawyer about this. In the workplace everyone should be treated equally and have the same opportunities despite their sex and whats happening to me is just plain wrong.


I am pretty much a vampire. I can't go outside much, the sun will kill me. I am a redhead and burn super easy and fast. I know, sunscreen, you say. I use it sometimes but it is bad for my skin and gives me acne and makes my eyes water, and I'd tried many different types and brands. Well, just wear a hat, right? I wish! If I wear a hat, no matter what type, the top of my face stays white but the bottom half gets red (even with sunscreen) and it looks ridiculous. And it happens so quickly, even half an hour will do it. So I pretty much can't go outside unless I want to die, or look like a racoon, or be crying and pimply. I go out in the evening when the sun is weaker, but it sucks not being able to just walk around in the peak of the daytime like a normal person. End rant. Solutions?

Femme Fatale Haircut

I like that brunette spy girl/film student/someone-i-used-to-know haircut. Only women don't seem to cut their hair that way anymore outside of the wigs of Hollywood cinema.

I'm kind of in trouble, huh?

A close family member is ill with dementia and his condition is getting progressively worse. He spends most of his time alone these days. It sucks! His kids aren't even there for him or help take care of him. It's not really their job to, but he was a single parent only working for his kids while they were growing up. (They are in their early 20s now and their lifestyle is.. "not having money, but looking like they do using daddy's money".) When I do see him once a week, he seems happy and eats more while I'm there. If I could, I would see him more often, but I'm also holding back. If he feels like he owes me for anything, I might be on his will. I really care about him and worry about him so it's quite tough. His inheritance will cause a rift between me and his kids.


When my wife takes our daughters to gymnastics I stay at home and watch pornography on the laptop. Its the only time I get alone. I am either at work, fixing things, buying groceries, or driving the kids around to their various activities. I feel like I am doing something wrong but its something I look forward to.

The fear of getting close

I'm in the best relationship of my life. My partner is super supporting and kind, but I'm also so terrified to let them get close to me. There's so much going on right now and I'm still too scared to let them know about it.

Work Crush

I like having them. It's something small to look forward to every day. Yet even though I have no serious intention towards them, it's always a little sad to find out they have a girlfriend. Oh well. He's still fun to watch for.


Punk in Drublic, sky train home

We were both on the sky train coming back from Punk in Drublic. I made fun of how burnt your arm...

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