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Another Rainy Day

When I have to say "FUCK Translink". 20 minutes late to work; 40 minutes late getting home. Thanks a lot.

Why can't I move on ?

I have lost many friends to death and drugs. My ex and I broke up a year ago and I always thought we would stay close as he was my best friend and told me he would be. He has a new girlfriend ( whom he started dating a week after telling me he loved me and would reset ) and has completely stopped talking to me. Which he should right ? It has been a year and I can't stop crying , and ruminating, I am depressed and ill. It just doesn't make sense to me that the love of my life is with some one else and doesn't care for me after 5 years of being best friends. I feel nauseous , illogical and I just wish I could move on.

In high school, I was bullied, and I was a bully.

In high school, I was bullied, and I was a bully. All of the bullying awareness messages made me remember. I feel pain when I remember being bullied. I feel shame at having bullied a fellow student.

White trash

I wanna be a white trash thousandair and I Ain't got much and I don't care. Count your cash and kiss my ass! This whole damn world gonna know I been here. I got two zig-zags and you know I’ll share! I’m everyone from nowhere, White trash thousandair!

Day trippin'

I don't have too much sympathy for US businesses complaining that the PCR test requirements stop Canadians from popping over the border to "buy milk, gas, or pick up a parcel". Let these small time tax avoiders continue supporting Canada a little longer!

One Time In Band Camp

I really did stick something up my pussy. But it was my first tampon not a flute (sigh).

If I attend a night club or concert in the near future...

and people are dancing and mingling... you know what? I won't report the venue for a violation of covid rules. In that case, I would be voluntarily attending a social event, voluntarily choosing to be at a crowded concert or venue. I want to go to concerts and have fun, dancing and move around, not have to wear hazmat suits and keep 6 foot poles between us to make sure we're distanced. I have 2 vaccinations, I have a passport. If everyone else who attends these events (which they are opting/choosing to do voluntarily) is in the same boat... well? What more can we do. We can't ban dancing forever, we can't do social distancing forever. Here is the new reality: covid (and other disesases) are here to stay for the rest of our lives. We'll have to get a yearly vaccine like the seasonal flu shot. We need to try our best to resume normal lives again. I personally won't be "ratting out" any venue that I voluntarily attend if I see people dancing. If someone is worried about getting sick, getting covid etc. then perhaps choosing to attend a busy nightclub, hockey game, or packed concert venue isn't the best decision. I yearn for mosh pits and dance floors! I also don't want all the venues to close down due to poor revenues.

What about Grouse Mountain

So you have to have a vaccination to go up grouse mountain? Even in the winter? With a google and mask on? I confess, we’ve REALLY become a zombie society

Theatrical Release

I don't watch the spoilers, CORRECTION - trailers for movies.


Enchanting blonde, Union Market

Waiting outside the Market, you and your friend were staring at me. You were wondering about my...


Savage Love: Genital warts, financial domination, and a very generous wife

Dan's first letter writer wants to know if she should talk to her boyfriend about a sexually transmitted infection with symptoms.

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