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Love Languages at Work

I learned that there are 5 different ways that people best express and receive love. Words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and touch. When I thought about the workplace I realized that most of these are acceptable. Except for touch. Even thinking about it causes me to feel uncomfortable like I’ve done something wrong. Shaking hands is okay, but touch is taboo unless in specific professions. It’s a touchy thing and risky - heh. Now I feel afraid to touch anyone. In the past I’ve met dates where the person seems like a tactile communicator, which is so lovely at first. Then it turns out there’s been a miscommunication and that reassuring squeeze on the shoulder or gentle tap on the elbow to interject a thought into the conversation was interpreted as - let’s get more intimate. Whoa whoa whoa! I thought we were just talking here. Maybe I’m touch illiterate, we each have different touch languages or touch doesn’t belong at work after all.


Reading all the confessions here has made me come to the realization that I'm smarter, and wiser than the rest of you.

Ok I hate

Stealing always have any ideas. I know a job, funny though I'm unlikely to have any idea where to look. I need money because my path is much clearer and I have a real directions. Money is not my strong suit its never really mattered until now.

the male gaze

I want to be a good man. I try to avoid watching porn and keep my dirty thoughts in check. But when I see a woman in skin-tight yoga pants I find it so hard to not check out their bum.


When I was a kid a rusty nail fell out of my box of Life cereal. And the company rep that came to our house was someone my mom went to school with.

I don't know...

... who is worse, addled boomers or the people who're younger, who should know better, but who ape addled boomers.


I remember reading Cracked Magazine as a kid and laughing my ass off because it so hilarious. Then...what happened??? It just disappeared. I miss that magazine.

I hate Ukulele

Ukulele, when I hear it in an advert designed to convince people that something is easy and painless, reminds of all the lazy something-for-nothing shortcuts that people expect as their birthright. I’d rather be reminded that hard work has worth working for. Then again, perhaps I’m overthinking things.

Google Doodle

Makes me want to play Loteria! I love board games and am always eager to find more to play. It's inspiring to me to know that there will always be something new to learn about in this life.

Merry Christmas

That's what I say but you know what? I'm a atheist I only believe in myself not some dude up there or some made up guy who walked on water, there were no 3 wise men (they were were more likely women) I believe in LGBQT2s rights & native rights & death/doom/dark metal, I rather would follow Satan he's more fun than JC or Muhammad not uptight like the Christians or Muslims or whatever faith.....I just like to say Merry Christmas have a Christmas tree listen to Christmas music& eat turkey (tho nothing wrong with being vegan )......I just think Satan gets a bad name & we can all benefit from his/hers/thier wisdom


Beautiful young girl who works at the bc...

You came out from the back. Because they needed help I couldn’t help wonder if we had something...

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