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goldilocks zone

too hot, too cold. too much,not enough. too tight,too slack. too dark, too bright. i dont ask for too's not too much to ask. there's another option in the middle. work with me, help us find that porridge that's just right. there's three bears in the story,remember?


I have always worn ladies tights have just put on tan pair of ladies looked print tights under my jeans from Nigel

Scary childhood memory

When I was a kid growing up in Montreal, my uncle took me, my sister and our two friends for a walk to the park. We got ice cream and played on the playground for a bit. Things were going fine until there were some lowlife trashy thugs who made fun of our friends hair. My uncle went to tell them off. Big mistake! They made fun of his weight. He stood his ground and told them off which got them aggressive and they threw sand at us. My uncle charged at those bastards and they backed away. Then he looked at us and said “RUN!” And we all ran as fast as we could to the end of the park. We raced right across the street, into the alley then power walked back home. Thankfully those cowardly fuckers did not try to follow us home. Generally I’ve gotten over it, but it came back and haunted me yesterday. Looking back I still wonder to this day why not one person who lived across the park heard what went on and even bothered to call the police? Those bottom feedering losers could have had weapons on them. We could have been killed. I’ve never talked about this until now because it is just too painful. Thankfully the past is gone and buried.

Has This Happened To You?

you're a nice guy living the dream, matching socks, a french press, plenty of save-on rewards points, life is great, and then you meet a frog girl hotty, the best type of hotty because she has miles of skinny legs but she's got piles of oompf in the boompfs too, and then everything in your life is destroyed because she won't sleep with you even though you're a nice guy and she sleeps with everyone else, I mean I'm pretty sure she does, just look at what a mess she is, and you lose your save-on card and your coffee press breaks, and your socks get holes, and what the heck I'm a nice guy, damn it, look all the prettier girls like me so why don't you just like me back, and then you pee on her chair and creep her online for years.

I miss working

I have been retired for 4 years. I had to leave because of MS. We went into an office tower yesterday and I saw everyone contributing, socializing, and self actualizing. I miss work.

Times change... for the better

When I started at my organization, there was an existing “popular” group. I automatically was near them due to where I sat. By default I could hang with them, go for breakfast, lunch or coffee... but I quickly realized that I had zero in common with them. And I couldn’t understand why they were”popular”. Maybe they had epic drinking nights together after work or had parties together. But none of them had any wit, observations, creativity or even kindness. They just excluded others and bullied others. Thankfully over time, this clique broke up due to layoffs, pregnancies, other job offers, cross province moves, etc. The one or two leftovers in the organization still try and act like they have clout or cache but without the tribe, are now invisible. I never expected this in a workplace at my age. I’m so glad they’re all gone. I wanted to leave high school when i was a teenager.

Fingers in my ears

In the aftermath of THE GREAT WAR I blocked her email/social media for a year or so. Now many years later I wonder if she ever tried to get back in touch. I've always been too scared to make an attempt of my own but I still hope one day for the message that never arrives.

here to work

who is that person talking to on the phone all day long?


When people are being facetious electronically and add a little happy face emoticon, it makes me want to punch them in the face.

Parallel Parking

When I learned to drive, a gauge to when to cut your wheels to parallel park was to start at the parked car's back seat. That was when cars were basically sedans, but now with all the smartcars , huge pickups and SUVs, that whole system is useless. Oh yeah, and these non-standard sized vehicles all over really screw up viable parking spots for normal cars...

All Day Long All I Can Hear Is Him

Somebody tell that guy that speaking louder is not helping people comprehend him, it's driving me crazy but not my place to say so.

oh if i had just stayed in school

Have been in school for a month as a 33 year old and I realize 18 year olds think the same way as I do. Again I realize how mentally behind I am... we share the same thoughts! Or... what is it?

YVR transport woes

This is what frustration with tedious transport policies looks like: you land at YVR after mid-night, rush to the train station to be told that the last train just left - (why these trains stop running for like 4 hours is beyond me), then you wait for 40 mins in a taxi line-up for a $45 ride back because we're the only city in the modern world without any ridesharing service!


Everyone comes here and bitches about things that their friends say. think or do. My question is - if they don't like it so much, why do they still have anything to do with these people?


Lufthansa MUC-YVR on Sept 16, 2018:...

You, Asian perhaps late 30s and dark half-length hair, offered to switch seats with me on the...