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Keep it to yourself

Some random weirdo came up to me and asked me if I believe in God. I told him that whether you believe in God or Mother Nature is nobody’s business but your own. Boy, did he shut up pretty fast.

I confess I prefer hanging

With potheads than drunks. 100,000 stoned folks at Sunset Beach and not a single major police incident. Whaddya think might have been the result of 100,000 drunks gathering together?

What they don’t tell you

I may have had a chance with a man who, to me, is perfect in his flaws. Dark, intelligent and corresponding complex. But he’s figuring himself out, having a rough time, and needs a few real and selfless friends to support him. The fact that repressing my desire for more than friendship is “the right thing to do” doesn’t make it hurt any less.

IS it normal to bump into people?

Some days, as I walk in a straight line on the sidewalk, some people veer into my direction. Sometimes I just play chicken and sometimes I bump into them and continue to walk. 99% of the time, I move out of the way for a ton of people... but sometimes, it's just insane... it is as if people are trying to make you move... I don't mind bumping into these people. Does this happen to you?


Our feelings are supposed to be consistent with our actions. What we say is supposed to be consistent with what we do. When we are unhappy, the body starts to reject and shuts down. Try as you might to keep living life as usual... it won't last. It will show up as depression, or come out as anger, or you will just stop trying. They say that in order for a relationship to thrive, a part of you must die. How big is the part? Is it only 10% of your essence? What if it is 90%? How consistent can you be if you still haven't given up on your dreams? I will settle and be consistent when I have found purpose in life. If I don't find it, I won't settle, and will live a hard and horrible life until I die, but I will take that over the alternative.

420 party is a protest ?

Both the organizers and the police have referred to the 420 event as a “protest “ Why is this a protest when pot is now legal ??


I gotta admit... when you order a milkshake in a restaurant, and when they bring it... they also bring the metal thing... you know what I mean... Isn’t that just the best?!

I don't understand this 1 bit

I'm a man living in the USA and have a good kid that just turn 25. Been married for 24 years and have never strayed once. Truth is, if it wasn't for my kid we likely would not have made it this far. Time is going by so fast & at times It feels like I have a hole in my heart large enough to run a freight train right through it. I am so broken hearted but no one can tell. I don't ask much but I just honestly wish I could find my real soulmate before it's too late. I hate feeling like this.

drum jam 4 20

the 4 20 music was a hit. But I preferred to listen to the great music provided by what was apparently a jam session of drums...near the entrance.

Tired of It

I am just so tired of dating. You get 3 or 4 dates a week and then in a month 1 might be good but he of course has 50 other options so then you're back to square one and you don't feel like you're getting anywhere. I am not trying to hate on a lot of guys but please let us speak during a date. Nothing infuriates us more than a guy who keeps cutting us off again and again. I don't really care how much money you have or what you do for a living as long as you work hard and have a mission statement with solid milestones. There are some quality guys in Vancouver but there just aren't enough to go around.


Flight TG250

Met a guy on a plane from Krabi to Bangkok , we didn’t talk, but looked and smiled at each other...

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