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Covid CRAZY..Or am I ?

I have been watching my roomie (since Covid started) keep randomly hooking up with various people on sites like Tinder and Grinder.. I have tried to be very diplomatic about the risks he takes in meeting and sleeping with randoms., and how I want him to be careful coz we live together... I live by the rule "Live and let live" However, he doesn't seem to care that he is taking a huge chance on bringing it home. I suggested that maybe just keeping one FWB for now or until vaccinated? It seems like he just shrugs it off. I am not paranoid and I do take all necessary precautions. If he continues this hit and quit life style he will end up with something bad... Taking Prep, washing your hands, wearing a mask and social distancing is just the beginning of being safe.. I wish he would be SMARTER and less SELFISH in his choices! After all we are in the middle of a F******* WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC! Grow up! You are almost 40..Start making better choices. AND FU for making me feel like your GD MAMA.

A family friend

hit on me a couple years ago even though he had an on-off girlfriend. He tried to kiss me several times in front of all his friends at this New Years party, and afterwards he kept contacting me to say he really wanted to see me again so I thought he was single but when I responded that I would see him, suddenly he had the girlfriend again and called our date off last minute. His sister said that his relationship is extremely volatile and they fight all the time. Then a year later he contacted me yet again in a very flirtatious way out of the blue. And again as soon as I wrote back he stopped and then I found out that he had gone away travelling with the on-off girl. I currently have not been in contact with him at all for over two years or even thought of him but suddenly found some slanderous comments written about me on the internet and had the source checked out and have found out that his girlfriend wrote them!!!!! I emailed him to tell him and he has not replied. It’s so messed up.

Stuck In The Middle With You

I moved here right before the outbreak last March and it's been difficult to make friends. The people I knew dropped me like a hot potato in lieu of their spouses or existing friends. The only person that's in my "bubble" from my past treats me like a drinking buddy. They just want to smoke and swear about their life & lack of ambition then shut down when I try to start a meaningful intelligent conversation. Normally I would discourage this kind of friendship but they're all I have got right now.

The Black Mirror

I'm often curious about the things people are drawn to watch in their spare time. I've come to realize that what I watch is directly related to something I feel is lacking in my own life. What is your viewing appetite telling you? For me, I wonder if I'm craving excellence, finding my niche, and a desire for acceptance and understanding.

Staying home

At least I'm sort of getting my money's worth on the high rent I pay by being home all the time.

I feel a bit off

During Covid, I have been drinking a lot... it's not like a ton... but it's also way higher than I normally have. I cannot help but think "WTF". While it hasn't interfered with work or gym/exercise life, it makes me grateful that I have these other hobbies. I am starting to understand why people can fall on their butt when they lose their job, etc., and like to drink a little. Keep your chins up and heads-up high, people! Even if it's not work... I feel like human beings were meant to be socially productive somehow or else they fall into these other things...


two weeks into 2021 and I'm still impoverished and still a little bit depraved but it took many years to reach this state..I don't expect to become a saint overnight so it may be awhile or maybe never..

There were

Flat Earthers at Spanish Banks today. They set up a table and had signs like “NASA uses Photoshop” and “You Have Been Lied To!” I came very close to losing it and screaming at them as I walked past.

Family drama

My brother made an offer to our aunt, uncle and their daughter (my cousin) to purchase their home, which they purchased in the 70’s for $50,000. And that’s how much he offered to buy their home. The property value is over a million, but he tried to make it sound as if he will be doing them a favour by renovating the home after he buys it from them. In return, he would charge them rent to get his money back. The house is supposed to be my cousin’s inheritance and she’s too afraid to say no to him so she asked me for advice. My advice: he can take a hike for making such a ridiculous, shameful offer. I’ve been furious for months because I didn’t know he was that selfish. Now he won’t speak to me. I will never let anyone take advantage of my family, even my own brother.


My boyfriend of more than 10 years has become an anti-mask idiot. He is so amazing in every other way but he has suddenly become obsessed with anti-government, anti-lockdown bullshit. I think his friends are a bad influence, they are a bunch of motorcycle/tattooist dudes. They are great guys, super fun but when they all get together it becomes a confederation of dumb anti science bros. Its becoming embarrassing. All their social media posts are so cringe, they remind me of Trump supporters, even though such a comparison would infuriate by BF and his friends. How did my life turn into this?????


Skytrain brunette, at Edmonds station this...

You: Brunette, white pants, brown sweater and a black down coat (that you removed for the ride)....


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