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Writers need to do their homework

When I am reading anything at all written about someone else other than the writer, it is appalling to note that some writers try to sum people up with a few words or paragraphs due to the manifestation of their own ego/bias in their writing because to me yes it might be based on the person but it is a stereotype and they obviously did not do their homework properly . Friends who make mistakes can be forgiven but if the writing is done as a news item or to publish even on the internet it seems the writers need to do more self examination and also practice transparency to reveal their own biases in using particular words and phrases and even situations to sum up another person. No one can know until they walk in that other person's shoes and I would go so far as to say until you are in their skin you have no clue how they feel or why they do things or not. You should never be so arrogant towards another human being in my opinion.

I got my heart broken by a beautiful cougar.

She turned out to be a big cheetah. She said she loved me too but she was lion about everything. She told me I was a tiger in bed, but I'm the one with claw marks down my back. I thought it was just guys who behaved like alley cats, but some women are like that too. Oh well, gender equality and all that, eh? I guess I'll just hack up the fur ball from it and move on with my life. Or maybe just lay around and lick my own ass for a while, until I'm feline better again. Me-fukkin-yow...

Nice guy

For the past few years I have been content with my little apartment, with my humble job. I am getting older, and realizing that I do desire more than this. I would like to maybe start a family some day, but how does one provide and protect when a house costs a million dollars? I need a plan, but what? I want to rise up but the path is not clear.

Low Key

Hey, I'm just good with re-watching episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation after getting home from work for the long weekend.

Just Sayin'

I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Hot Hot Hot!

Tiny dick

There are a bunch of dudes in my building who have project cars and motorcycles in the parking lot. When they work on them, they always rev the engine so much more than necessary, it's pretty annoying. I get that you need to check if things work every now and then, but not everyone in the building shares your love of cars/motorcycles. When you rev the engine 20 times you are just being an asshole.

Times have changed

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and at this point I am quite certain that my experience is both rare and common amongst many other dysfunctional families. I do not know how to explain this properly but the worst and most distressing times that my family went through also brought us closer together. My father had a car accident and it almost killed him but miraculously he survived it with only partial injuries and it took him a long time for recovery, and this time was the most stressful time in my family's life because we had no income and my parents were worried they would lose the house. My dad had a small business and he lost that business. They used up all their savings. They fought, sometimes so angrily that all the neighbors heard my father swearing. He was too proud to accept welfare at all and somehow managed to get through and begin working again but on a lower pay level and that set us back in some ways but once again he rallied and of course over the years we had both good times and bad times. What is striking to me now is how the neighbors supported us. They knew that we had suffered and that my father was never compensated for the accident and had to bear the burden himself and was too proud for welfare so they always pitched in if he needed help and when they hunted they gave us game and gave us vegetables from their farms in the countryside where their members of families lived or even from their backyard. Neighbors shared baking cooking and ideas and every child played together. Not one person ever called the police on my parents and even though sometimes I reflected back thinking oh maybe they should have now that I am much older I really appreciate those neighbors supporting my parents as they were, despite their problems. There was always a kind word, a supportive discussion, because they were not violent. Angry yes but no not beating anyone up. These days they might be split up because no noise is tolerated and even if a couple argues they are frowned upon well how is anyone going to ever work anything out anyway? Of course sensible people talk calmly but family dynamics are sometimes intense and loud or angry does not outweigh the positive side of a good neighbor or someone who deserves support look beyond the surface if you can


Always looks hotter and is more fun when I dream about them

I'm sick and tired of entitled, selfish cyclists

I'll preface this by saying I myself am a cyclist too, and while I didn't vote for spending tens of millions of dollars on bike lanes, I use them all the time and I love them. And I'd encourage you all to give cycling a shot in the city as the weather gets better... you can go all over the place with minimal contact with scary traffic, if that's your concern. Which leads to my complaint... with all of these amazing bike lanes, why the hell are cyclists on roads that don't have them? If there's no bike lane nearby, sure, go ahead.... but some idiot in the right lane of the Granville St. bridge, typing up traffic behind him... having the Burrard St. bridge three blocks away... or some idiot on Georgia St. also tying up an entire right lane, having Dunsmuir to the North or Smithe to the right... you guys are just being jerks, and adding to the stereotype of jerk Vancouver cyclist.

Age and introspection

I'm struggling with turning 40 this year. I've overcome a great deal of adversity since I was a child and with health issues resulting from various traumas, but it's been a very difficult journey and continues to be with many other chronic invisible health issues. (Bad genes) From the outside, you can't tell, but it's taken a very heavy toll mentally, financially (I work, but not ft, and push through symptoms to varying degrees every day), and with trusting others. I've finally gotten to a place where I have cut out toxic people, limited contact with toxic family etc. and learned to not have people take advantage of me. Trusting others especially men due to sexual abuse is very difficult. I continue to go to therapy regularly (have for years) and am diligent about my health, but it is to no avail.... My case is complicated....with my physical health issues and mental health is treatment resistant though I still try..... Dating and finding an understanding, kind, partner has always been a struggle. I have taken long breaks after each awful thing, and not dated for 2 and a half years now, and not planning to soon. I think it's too late, and perhaps I'm too broken, and old as men typically want younger women. good, loyal, kind, compatible partners are few and far between. I'm thankful for the few I've met that were in my life in my past albeit a long time ago, but I'm human and we all want to find love and a connection with someone. Friends are kind, and say what a kind, strong person I am, but survival mode is all I've ever known. people from every walk of life, age, gender, and disabilities find love, but it's hard for me to see. Especially as I'm just not ready for it yet, and not trying. will I ever be? It's different as a woman, especially a single woman from my culture. I always held out for the foolish idea of love, but feel it's for other people. I just take things one at a time, continue to see specialists, doctors and get no respite from my mental and physical health issues. Without happiness and health, what does one have? It's a painful existence, especially keeping up a facade being in such pain. (Mentally and physically) My friends want to do something for me, and I just don't want to celebrate, but they said they would. So on a different note, how would you celebrate something you don't want to acknowledge? Not in a good headspace, so please be respectful and tactful with your replies. Thanks


Ice Col Dreams

You waiting in line at matchstick Chinatown then crossing the street in shades, me post boxing...

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