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...are by far my favourite bird. Mainly because they are the closest thing to a dog in the aviary world. They doddle around like dogs, they’re smart like dogs, and given time, they learn to recognize faces. So boo to your budgie; I’m sticking with the ubiquitous crow.

Artist within self previously undiscovered

During the pandemic, I was too focused on computer and app use and I developed carpal tunnel syndrome but then I found a way to make my own coloring pages and now I print them out in black and white and I use my child's markers, crayons and coloring pencils to bring the sketch to life! No design skills required, and my ability to bring life to a dull black and white picture is astounding! Also it takes a bit more concentration to blend the colors correctly sometimes it takes me a day or two to get a realistic looking final result. My favorite subject is flowers, and I am getting to know the botanical names for plants as a result. The next step will be to try to sell this art, as I have lost my job during the pandemic (the store I was working at was shut down) and this will bring in some extra cash if I can properly frame and present this art. I love coloring because no one bothers me while I am busy and I can forget my day to day life as I lose myself in the art I have created.


... have started wearing adult diapers. Getting old is a mixed bag.

My friend attraction

I am totally attracted to friends who exhibit signs of strong leadership and purposeful action. This is a lifelong pattern, and as long as the person has strength of character as well as charisma, I am going to want to be in that person's company for a long time. I really appreciate steadfastness which is being steady. It perseveres. It is dependable. When steadfast, we remain true to our purpose; whatever happens. Steadfastness grows with challenge, but do not confuse it for being stubborn. Steadfastness finds its strength in discerning a direction that has meaning for us. Consider it being purposefully stubborn, if you will. Steadfastness is like a strong and sturdy ship with a destination in mind and heart. It is grounded in the most powerful of motivations. It can be flexible in approach but determined in destination. Water is steadfast. Try to stop it. If you do manage to block it, it will find a way around down, through, over or under. It is headed to the ocean.

wore a used mask

I was at a long meeting yesterday in a tower downtown. Went to a public washroom and put my mask in my pocket. When i was finished i took "my" mask that was sitting on the top of the toilet roll dispenser and put it on. 20 minutes later i discovered MY mask in my pocket. YES you understood it. I wore some used mask that somebody left in the toilet stall. I'm still grossed out about it. And no i have not had my vaccine yet!!!


I am addicted to stupid games on my iPhone. I spent literally all day yesterday playing scrabble and crossword puzzles and stayed up until 4am doing them as well. I can’t stop even when I get a headache and sore arms and hands from it. I deleted the apps just now. I’ve never been like this before, but after over a year of lockdowns and no travel I am literally going crazy!!

Mask: Black, sun-faded

So many interesting masks nowadays. You sure are pretty wearing the solar system on your face. I feel a little plain in my sun-faded black mask but I refuse to stylize this necessary evil.

I swear

I cant even begin to understand how you all wear the exact same outfit as all your friends. Today on the bus I saw a group of teen boys ALL wearing the same ass Nike AF1's and the same ass outfits. Jesus you look so ridiculous.

Young fun

When I was young, in high school, I took a girl out on a Friday night. She was putting on chap stick and I asked if I could try some. I leaned in and kissed her. Ha! Proud of my young self ;)


Why are ants so damn cool. I'm sitting in my backyard right now, watching them all scurry around and I just saw two ants high five each other. It totally blew my friggin mind.


Gorgeous, athletic out grocery shopping

Ok I’ve never done this before so throwing out a massive flyer here! Just saw you out shopping in...


Savage Love: Husband’s desire for FinDom abuse confuses wife

He's dominant with her but sends thousands of dollars to a dominatrix.

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