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Lose yourself

I confess my workplace makes me want to get shitfaced and go dancing


No one talks on the train anymore. Everyone is buried in their phones. Geesh!

I never set out to....

I never set out to share physical intimacy with, make love, have sex, with about 100 women. I'm not bragging, not complaining, and I'm not ashamed. I never sought a one-night stand, and always participated believing that there was more than sex on the line. In most cases, I was not the initiator, although almost always willing and thrilled to participate. It is difficult to explain. For most of the time frame, I was poor. I was average to fair looking, and not an athlete. It was all a mystery to me. As is the situation now, where I am unable to connect with anyone. I miss that intimacy.

Hidden talent

I’m continually surprised by people I meet. So many of my friends and acquaintances have amazing hidden talent that you’d never guess they had by outward appearance. Average people doing fantastic things. One is a famous visual artist, and another is a middle aged man who does labour as a city worker who has 30 of the most incredibly beautiful aquariums in his rental suite and is an expert on fish and ponds. One is a snake expert, another is a tiny little elderly woman who happens to have a full-fledged carpentry shop in her basement where she makes beautiful handcrafted furniture and art pieces. One is a very talented musician who looks like a homeless person but lives in a mansion. Another is an unassuming-looking middle age woman who once worked for NASA and is a renowned expert in a rare field of science, while also raising three kids as a single mother. So you see, it’s vital that we don’t make assumptions about people based on outward appearances, because you never know what genius they may be hiding.


In elementary school I played the recorder. I was so good at it that my music teacher essentially took me under his wing for 3 or so years. I joined band and did that and loved it. Then In grade 6? I closed that chapter. In grade 7 middle school I was introduced to an acoustic guitar in general music class. I knew I was going to play one and I was very excited to. My music teacher handed a guitar out to everyone in the class and we practiced. Again, I shined. I was the best in my class. I fucking loved it! I was sad to put it down when we moved onto a new instrument. Years later in my adulthood...I remember my love and skill I had for the guitar so I went to Long & McQuade on Terminal and bought a $400 acoustic guitar and hard case. I played it for a month learning notes and chords. I was excited again. But then I just stopped playing it. I didn't have the drive to dedicate enough time to learn it. I live next door to a musician. He said to come get lessons from him when I get it. Well, I didn't because I'm not paying whatever he wanted to charge me. We live in YouTube world and all my favorite rock stars were self taught. I'd prefer to do what the guitar rock gods did in the beginning and learn on your own. It's the strumming and switching of chords that's difficult and will take time to learn and get faster at. One day I will learn it. Music is in my soul. I have to bring it out again.


I've only slept with 2 women. I'm married in my mid thirties. It's not that I can't find women to sleep with me either. I'm just really bad at sucking at relationships. Meaning, I tend to not screw things up. Judging by the confessions on here everyone has the exact opposite problem. I've basically never been single, because I work out problems and care about the person I'm with, so I could never explore. I don't feel bad about it exactly, but sometimes I check back on people I had to reject or ignore and think I could have done well with them too.

Ear Of The Beholder

Songs are only good if you can understand what they're singing about.

Yellowstone Erupted

Few nights ago as I slept I watched Yellowstone blow up right in front of me with the force of a comet impact. There were people hiding in tunnels. There was radiation. There was also slimy rains that came that looked almost like stringy pieces of jello. Not something you would want to drink.

I’m actually judging the shit out of you.

If you are a parent and you give your kid some made up shit name that sounds like a character from a teen vampire novel (something like Draven, Twyla, or Reign) I probably won’t take you seriously in any sort of capacity whatsoever. I hope your kid rebels against you and becomes something extremely vanilla like an accountant or insurance adjuster.

Times change

I confess I used to be embarrassed about getting all the free stuff retailers offer on your birthday. I thought it was kind of humiliating and needy. Fast forward to today, where I pay through the nose for EVERYTHING ( food, liquor taxes, rent, cable, cell, insurance, clothing, shoes, mass etc. ) that I am CASHING IN on every free birthday freebie there is in this town! I spent thousands of dollars every month to stay housed, fed, warm, with clothes on my back, so give me all the free breakfasts, cake, gift cards, discounts that I can get on my day. I am owed this!!!!!


Exchanged looks on the bus

I saw you on the 100 bus this afternoon. I was the blond in the blue jacket, you were also blond,...

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