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Two Left Feet

The memory of you trying to teach me to dance is pure good feelings. Thanks for that one!

Dog poop Bags

This is a rant not a confession. Suddenly, there are poop filled bags everywhere I go with my little pooch. Did you think the snow wasn't going to melt away! Come on lazy people, it's gross, Pick up your poop bags and dispose of them properly. Woof, woof!


A far from expressed truth. Why is it impossible for people split by a distance of say half to find happiness together. Leave out all the creepy b.s and remember were are talking about adults here. Ill confess I found I really more than just say liked a guy half my age. He is a little wiser than he might let most see, but almost everyone is caught up in the we gross grandma aspect I guess. Childish if you know true love choses you and not the reverse of that. So how can that fair be argument ?

Never had a Valentine's Day

I'm almost 34 years old and I've never had a Valentine's day, even when I happened to be dating someone around this time of year. I know this isn't really important but I feel sad that I've never even received a single rose on this day. Yes, I know there are bigger things in life, than February 14th, but it is depressing to a certain extent. I remember a particular Valentine's day when I was in a long term relationship and I had hand painted a card for my bf and he hadn't prepared a thing for me. Even a tiny little flower. I know this is really stupid but I still find this day upsetting, even if it's just a commercial holiday.


My husband and I were so in love in the beginning. It was the quintessential fairy tale. So I thought, the first time he hit me it was not exceptional hard so that I figured he was trying to hurt me. I was more broken over the betrayal of it and the trust lost. As the beatings got progressively worst I was more destroyed over the loss and continued stripping of trust. I thought why spend so much time building it just to destroy the entire tower. Will I build another, can I build another. Turns out his family never really liked me, mostly they were playacting Edgar Allen Poe like factiously smiling the whole time enjoying immensely the total loss of self in another human being to the most incredible sickly witnessed event. I tried to find understanding and sympathy for them, I could not I saw this as evil a chosen, so how can you forgive an entity for being what it is. I saw it like trying to forgive the sun for being bright. Ridiculous right I believed so, still do although I still reflect on this to find possible understanding past my current impasse around them. I confess perfection is never going to be me, but I will always try and take appositive from every situation from now on.

show your love every day

I lost my wife recently after, 47 years of marriage. She created a loving home, a family and a lifetime of memories. To all the partners out there, love grows, small things count, stop being selfish !!


Sad to see that there are 2 sets of 'rules' for people in the work place. The lack of clarity and consistency makes people not like their job, because some get 'privilege' over others for there nonsense complaining about their issues and major insecurities with others in the work place. Stop your bitching, attention seeking whining and dont expect to get vip special treatment over your colleagues. Everyone knows whats what. Dont you get tired of being like that? Pull your socks up already!

Fuse getting short

I swear the next numbskull transit rider that’s got their backpack all up in my business, I’m gonna get into theirs. Start opening zippers and rummaging around. Let’s see what’s in here that’s so important, you won’t take it off!


The True North dark hair dashing smiles

I just got on the #2 bus at balsam and you came on a bit before burrard wearing a black true...

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