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You can have him, jules. Enjoy.

Cowards you go out looking for a constant stream of angry bitter men who are filled with a hate on for women? Maybe that's all you attract being that's all you are. Hey if you're gonna dish it out expect it back with interest.


I have to ask why the fuck anyone cares about this chick Halsey and her assless chaps? How is that an article? Not only does she have the most annoying voice on the face of the earth but her “twerk” video is the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. How do these people get fans? What the fuck is happening to music? Who the fuck listens to the crap?

Moving to America

It is actually nothing like what I thought it’d be. Everyone is friendly... unlike Vancouver and Toronto. People smile, flirt, and are talkative. What’s going on with Canada?

It wasn't ALL bad hehe

Our beginning was anything but humble. Our journey was all chaos and flat tires. The destination was never clear. I enjoyed this as much as I struggled with it. Oh love... Absurd, subjective, persistently challenged and stifled. I'm trying to come to terms with admitting something I've shared, cried, lusted, laughed and argued with.... just can't be. Maybe it was never real. The real heartbreak is that the two of us will never agree. I won't become the person she thought I'd turn into. She will never just give in and... be my partner... walk into the unknown together. It can't be defined. It appears that that's it. Sorry romantics

Why is vancouver making me date fat people

I seriously can’t get a date with a normal person. I’m pretty athletic so the irony is brutal. Just had to express my frustration that the new Canada food guide doesn’t seem to be working.

Dear Translink,

Let’s talk about your staff. I mean, first of all, GOOD HIRES! To be honest, I’m sure more could go above and beyond, but they do the minimum well. (Okay, that’s not fair, I do have to point out the Translink staff who I see always going the extra mile: there’s one lady at waterfront station who always picks up rubbish off the ground and is always smiling; the English #20 bus driver is always in a cheerful mood and very welcoming; and there’s an older looking gentleman at waterfront station always helping customers EVERY time I see him). That went a little off track, what I wanted to talk about, or should I say confess, is that I’ve recently taken notice to the Translink men. I’m not too sure if there are a lot of others who see this, but Translink has some very attractive staff members! The (skytrain station) men look like they work out and would be excellent off-roading partners. I’m just very intrigued to know what kind of people they are. THANK YOU to the individuals hiring these attractive burly men. (I’m very glad these confessions are anonymous, ha)

I finally figured out what to put in my will

I'm single with no kids. I've worked hard my whole life. I've never been given anything by anyone who is still alive. Everything I have, I earned. In my will, I will stipulate that my properties will be sold, my collections liquidated, my investments cashed out. All that money shall be collected and then burned.


Weekend Brunch with your son

I saw you having breakfast with your son when I walked in with my daughter. I gave you a little...

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