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Unexpected guests

I hate short notice visits, even if it’s family.

Parent tension

As a 30-year old I feel a bit ridiculous sharing this, but does anyone else of a similar age find their parents challenging to deal with? I love mine very much, and I’m thankful for their kindness in my life, but it’s like they have no clue what difficulties people my age face. They think I’m being cheap if I don’t do things as fancy as they can, and seem not to understand that I can’t easily save a significant chunk of money every month. For the record, I’m not trying to do a millennial - boomer complaint. I live on my own, am financially independent, and work a full-time job. I’m content and proud of what I do have for myself; rent a comfortable place, perform well at my job, healthy friendships & hobbies. I love them and want to stay in a good relationship, but I’m tired of being judged for not having significant finances to throw at life, and meeting their idea of what success should be (my own home, marriage, further education, etc.). Do they not remember being 30 at all?! I don’t want to avoid seeing them when I can, but it’s getting harder to stay happy when in their company.

The L Word

I haven't "fallen in love" for 14 years. Anything after has just been an arrangement or compromise.

A younger man

is after me! 7 years younger to be exact!! We dated once 8 years ago for a few months but then I moved away. We’ve been friends and kept in touch sporadically, and now suddenly he is totally into me!! I like him and I like the idea of living with him, but I feel a bit weird about being the older one as a woman. It’s just been my experience always that men tend to prefer younger females, and also I’m significantly more well off than he is so how can I possibly trust him fully? We do get along great though and always have, and I look young. I wish it didn’t matter to me but it does!! On the one hand, it would be nice to be with a younger guy, since older men tend to be more controlling and want a more traditional woman and I’m not into that. But on the other, if I start to really age, what’s to stop him from just going for someone young?!

Privacy pickle

I don't have many people that I can call as friends. The ones I do mean a lot to me. I haven't done a good job of living life. To many jobs, too many locations, not enough dollars. I'm lost the will to find work and now add a new place to live. My money is drying up. Believe me, if I had supports or resources I wouldn't care but I don't. I can't call my friends. I don't want to burden them, certainly not with these problems. It would put them through stress and I love them too much to put my problems on them. They can't help and they have their own lives with more responsibilities. I'm old and burnt out from trying because nobody wants an old person around. I am planning steps to give up for good if I can't fix this. I have noone to talk to. I'm publicly together and privately alone. It hurts and I wish there was some way, some miracle. But let's be real, I'm out of time. There's no such thing as miracles.


Last night I decided to drink for the first time in a month. It was OK. Dropped my tooth brush in the toilet after I pee'd. Slept pretty good. Dehydrated this morning. I need a kickstart.


Three brown and orange mothies came flapping into my apartment. I was able to contain and coax two of them back outside to fly away. The third one didn't make - it got stuck inside a takeout container of sweet sauce and I wasn't fast enough to get to it before it got all sticky. I managed to get it unstuck with a wet cotton swab, but one wing was ruined and it's legs and antenna were all gummed up. I knew I should have rinsed out that container and recycled it a while


Somehow I attract smart women. I, myself, have no more education after grade 12. Even then I wasn't a scholar. I need to educate myself somehow. Read more maybe.

Don’t talk to me

I was about to get on the escalator at Metrotown station when some dude holding a bible tried to block me. This guy waves his bible in my face and says “How’s it going?” I tell him not to talk to me, then he says “ok, I won’t.” I am not interested in anyone that tries to push and shove their personal beliefs down my throat. Whether you believe in God, mother nature or the devil is nobody’s business but your own. Keep that to yourself.

I no longer have social media....

No more Facebook or Twitter nor no Til Tok either..... however I'm just Pornhub considered social media?.... I "like" a lot of stuff on it.


Galina, Sunset Beach Ukrainian sweetheart

Sunset Beach on the grass near the Sylvia, Monday night around 10PM. You were sitting with a male...


Savage Love: Parent-banging boyfriend leaves everyone feeling mortified

If you think walking in on two people getting it on is awkward, try inviting your bi lover to dinner with your parents only to discover that he once had a threesome with them.

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