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I’ll cook at home thanks...

Went for lunch at my favourite Vietnamese on Cambie and prices were way up across the menu, I guess due to COVID 19. I won’t be rushing out to dine since apparently many restaurants are doing this due to limited seating.

Wet Door Handle

Often when I use the bathroom in my apartment as I close the door my hand comes away wet. Ugh. At first, I thought, maybe it's just a one-off, or maybe one of the roommates sanitized the door handles. I wash my hands. Ugh. After one of my roommates goes to the bathroom and I use it, yep, wet door handle. Wtf. Dry your hands.

Always a sinner never a saint

As much as I like my future mother in law (FMIL)and try to get along with her there are SOME things that I won’t put up with, from anybody, let alone future extended family. My FMIL has crossed a line that I can not look past by sending me religious type YouTube videos, of her particular faith. ( I tried to be courteous to her and tried to watch the videos but couldn’t watch more than a few minutes) In all the years prior to dating her son, I’ve made it clear to her that I have absolutely zero interest in any sort of religion, she has never done something of this nature. I can’t imagine what triggered or influenced her to do such a thing and I’m unsure of HOW I should respond back to her. I’ve thought of a few responses, (1)Be honest and tell her I tried, I still have zero interest, thank you !. (2)Send her videos on ALL the reasons I can’t stand any religion, but still tolerate them, for the sake of humanity and personal respect. (3)Or just ignore her, cause I don’t know what else to do.

Liquor store

I shaved this morning and left to the strip mall. Got ID’d at the beer store :) I’m mid-thirties and I asked the lady how old she thought I was...she said under 30 :D fuck yeah!! Love it!!!

I misread it all

All that tenderness. The need to be together. I mistook compassion for more. Confirmation bias. I am embarrassed and hope you can forgive me.

Dinos in spaaaaaaace

I confess the only thing I find interesting about the SpaceX launch into space is that there is a cute sequin stuffed TY dinosaur on board.

Reverse engineering burgers

ViA just recently released a list of top 10 hamburgers in Vancouver.... I can't afford to eat at these places though (oh god! they would probably force me to tip 25% for take-away right now too). ... so I am scoping the article that shows each burger.. and they look really simple to re-invent at home. They list all the ingredients and you can see the patty and tell if there are additional herbs and spices in it. I think I have a fighting chance at this. Why haven't I been making my burgers at home? This is something where it might actually be a win for me.


I got blocked on social media all because I called someone out on their bullshit. Why do people constantly get attacked for speaking up and telling it like it is? I prefer people to be honest and upfront with me instead of beating around the bush.


I could not imagine bringing a kid into this world right now. Yes, the world's been screwed up for a long time, and this sentiment is not new. But everything's come to a head this year, and the future for future generations seems dimmer than ever.


They do not do the baby penguin justice. I want to brave the cold of Antarctica and hug a real baby penguin - a baby gentoo penguin, in particular. I'm just in one of those moods where I want hold a real cute little animal, if only just for a little while so the sad goes away.


I Saw You in Costco

I saw you in Costco. You were wearing a very artistic corgi face mask and bought what could only...


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