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When I hear Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s sing “Over The Rainbow”, the tears come pouring out. It’s not the song because I’ve listened to Eric Clapton and Ariana Grande sing the same song and nether have any effect on me. But Israel’s version makes me fear of me ever hearing it in public where I will need a mask and sunglasses to hide the crying mess. RIP Israel, you had soul.


I've tried greeting people with 'Huzzah' recently. A little Shakespearean charisma to their boring 'hi'. But it's difficult pronouncing under a mask so it sounds like 'huzmmmmpfh'.


I don't get why people kill spiders if you find one in your home. I mean why really? It's natures way of removing bugs from your place. I mean if it's a spider that bites yes remove it. But jeez less bugs it's a no brainer! I found one under my chair and I was like Cool! Less bugs! Nice!


If you google my name, nothing comes up :)

Pandemic loneliness

I just fill the void with pandemic stress eating. So many ice cream buckets and buckets of fried chicken... I'm still not fat though... Weird eh.

I am an Asshole

I have known this for a long time now I try to be as nice as possible at all times but in some situations I can not help myself. The one who takes the brunt of this behaviour is my wife. I am very ashamed of this and I wish I could someday make it right but I don’t think I will ever be able to. She deserves way better treatment than I’m able to provide at times.

Runners not getting it, or getting it!

For the last many months, I've been walking the seawall around Stanley Park. I've noticed people with dogs, strollers and masks taking care of each other. NOT the runners. They approach from behind or even more disgustingly, right at you, some spitting, most panting and breathing heavily. I've taken to extending my umbrella or a vitamin water out with my left arm, to remind them, they are selfish and in my space. I'm actually enjoying their reactions as they realize what they have done as they run right into it.

Sorry not sorry

I confess that when I hear someone with almost no obvious physical imperfections talking about how they’ve just learned to “accept” their body and all its imperfections, inside my eyes are rolling. Come on! These people who weigh about as much as an average 10 year old, who are somewhere between 20 and 40 years old, who have buckets of money and resources for countless beauty treatments and physical trainers and dieticians, really think that they represent the rest of us? Even the non-celebrity types who have been blessed with amazing genes and who think that their looks are a personal accomplishment of some kind, who can pretty much wear a bag and no makeup and still look great. Pfffftttt.

A foreign “affair”

I went as an exchange student and had a crush on a local girl who later said “Whatta YOU want? within earshot of me after I waved to her. She dedicated the phrase to former NHL player Scott Stevens. Boom. That’s what it felt like. You live and you learn on the way to becoming a Jedi Knight.


You told me I looked cute after the...

We both left the Hastings Park Farmers Market at the same time today, and were walking down the...


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