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Dating takes effort… for some of us

I’m getting pretty tired of chasing after gorgeous humans on dating apps. I’m browsing through dating apps bios when I stumble on a beautiful human with a bio that reads like this (with my translations included): “Work a lot - don’t text back fast - nothing personal” Translation: Good luck, the odds are we’ll probably never meet, I’m too busy to meet, let alone send messages… why am I even on this dating app? I shouldn’t even be on here. I’m just going to waste your time and get your hopes up. “Also not super chatty” Translation: I’m gorgeous… therefore I put in zero effort into this. Chase after me. YOU need to do all the work and say all the perfect things to hook me into conversation. Impress me somehow so I will maybe go on a date with you. Good luck! “Bad texter” Translation: I’ll probably end up wasting your time and energy and you’ll eventually get exhausted of my lack of responses to texts. Odds are, I’ll probably just not respond and end up ghosting you. I say we just leave all the gorgeous zero effort people behind and stop pursuing them… it’s such an entitlement. Dating takes effort, energy and mutual genuine interest. Don’t even bother signing up for apps if you KNOW you’re a bad texter with no time space or energy.


I am so important to you, why are you there. Enough said

Yes, I ghosted you. Boo hoo.

I've ghosted you before, the last time I unghosted you I was giving you a chance to apologize for your continually abhorrent behavior. No apology A return of the verbal RW diarrhea, narcississm, word salad If everyone ghosts you, they have, the problem is YOU Gone

Glad to be single

It may be a cliche at this point. But its so nice to be single after years spent in relationships. Sure i miss intimacy and regular sex, but i am free to do as a please. Honestly, its too easy to get wrapped up in another person’s life while neglecting your own. Im gonna enjoy this time and not rush into anything. Time to take some vacations and enjoy some new experiences.

Product of Environment

Many gov employees are passive aggresive toxic people because you can't easily quit or change jobs so if co worker is just toxic your hard pressed to grit your teeth and put up smiley face or you risk of losing steady paycheck and pension. This toxicity in how people behave increases as one age and more money is at stake. I did not get memo from career councelor

So soon forgotten

As a proud prider I find many of the articles these days very interesting. A recent article highlighted the associated of Davie street with white men. I suppose it is a positive that today's youth of pride do not have to go through the AIDS/HIV epidemic to the point that they can associate the recent past as "white men." When people have become more concerned with intersectional issues, it likely means they no concept of having sex, feeling like shit a few weeks later and then having the doctor(there was specific community of dr's and healthcare providers on Davie street) come in, give the 50 yard stare before telling you, "you're gonna die relatively soon." The word BIPOC wasn't part of our dialogue because it was prefaced on inclusion of our community.

Coming out of the fog

Has anyone here ever come out of a very thick, long-lasting fog of gaslighting? I simultaneously feel very free and relieved to have my mind back but also baffled at how anyone could put someone through such turmoil. In addition, feeling disappointed in the mental health professionals I connected with that were no help at all. People aren't trained to understand this stuff, or are willfully ignorant of the risk they place on a survivor's wellbeing by insisting that the problem originates inside of them.

I swear

Most of these homophobic yobs dream about dating & having sex with 19 year attractive women ,or dream about having 19 year grlfriends & get turned on by women having sex with each other or fantasize about it....they just don't tell their fellow bigots (or wives)

Sometime I miss the liberating feeling....

When I was a young man, I waited for women to make the first move. Eventually, one would. I would do whatever they wanted, as far as having a relationship, and even the specifics of the sexual itinerary. I was sometimes asked to do very dirty things, way beyond oral sex. I didn’t think it had an option to say, “no”. In my 40’s, I learned that I could initiate contact with a woman, and I did. But sometimes, I missed the liberating feeling of being selected by a woman, and just doing what I was told.

Global warming

Am I the only North American that understands I am the problem. Not the oil companies . Hearing homes and driving automobiles are the cause. Burning fossil fuel I the cause . Grow a pair and realize we are the problem . Pointing fingers at someone else is a cowardly act . I consume over packaged products every day . Burn fossil fuel every day . I cause global warming. Does any one else have the courage to admit something so obvious?


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