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Is it just me? Please say it's not

Maybe this isn't the best place to say this but am I the only person that multiple times a day mutters to their self .. "what's wrong with people?" Why is it business people can't do professional business?

So many broken hearts

It seems that the legions of broken-hearted people are all posting here lately. In a way it’s nice to know that I’m not alone, but it’s also tempting to wonder if any of the posts are about me. I know the odds aren’t great but I so wish that the person I miss would be missing me too. I only wanted to know for sure that I mattered enough for him to be willing to risk being vulnerable, so that’s why it can’t be me doing the contacting again. It has to come from him this time. Keeping my fingers crossed and sending this lonely wish out into the universe.....

I always hit the off button

Whenever i heard Bill Cosby, Jian Gomessy, Barbra Steisand ... Couldn't stand the sound of their voice ... just instinct i guess

How It Ends

Can a disaster movie be a fantasy? Absolutely. There are less than four dozen people that I care about on this entire continent. And maybe in the whole universe. On balance, that doesn't outweigh the demerits of everyone else. The results speak for themselves. And with the consumerist culture here, the event would actually undo the environmental damage of the last two centuries, when averaged out over the planet. In this context, Lil'Kim is not scary at all. Rather inviting, actually. Bring it on, Rocket Man. And even when it kills me, as it almost certainly would, I'd die smiling. Not a prepper. Thanos was right.

It's finally over

Now you can pretend you're something else to someone else... until you get bored, because you're boring.

Plundered my soul

Then you regussied it up and tried to sell it back! Now you need a pipeline?

Funny song

I was listening to an obscure funny song called “Somebody Just Poop” by some old rapper who goes by the name Goofy. No, not the dopey cartoon dog in Disney. There was an actual rapper named Goofy back in the day.


I've had sex with a lot of women. I'm an attractive guy; not many turn me down. But when they do, it makes me manipulative and abusive towards them until they break. I get a rush knowing I can have power over them whenever I want. I think I'm insecure that all I can offer is sex. I'm ashamed, but I can't stop.

It's all good

It took me a while. I'm really stubborn. Persistent. Tenacious. Filled with faith, some say. Well, to a point. I finally accept that when you say you're done, that it's just that. Some people might get all indignant. Heck, the old me would have. But, no, I can't. I put you on a crazy roller-coaster without sufficient explanation and am truly sorry that it left you spent, hurt, and angry. I could try to fill you in on the reasons and the background and you'd never believe me. What really sticks through it all is how you said you've never been happier. Above all, that's what I wanted for you, if you can believe that. And somewhere I took away the thing I liked seeing you have: happiness. I'm not closing the door on anything. I'm not pursuing anything either. I'm not leaving, and not waiting around. I'm letting you live your life on your terms, which you're doing anyway. If saying goodbye is what adds to that happiness, then...well, I don't know what does, actually, but it's a logical leap; I just hear silence and interpret that as your final and happily enduring message, knowing that you are happy.


you deleted your account

your name on tinder was "cha", i enjoyed the way you talk though you asked me to hang...

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