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I was

Thinking of things we were all told as children. Wishes come true.. All Fairytales have happy endings... And Cute as a Bugs Ear.... Do Bugs even have ears? And Where the hell is Santa Claus? So

youtube addiction bi polar 2

i have a internet addiction and bi polar 2 which messes up my life, i have 2 friends my partner and my ex, both have my heart i need to break free of internet addiction is real especialy when you have bi polar, everyone has secrets whats yours thanks for listening vancouver

I wish I were more popular

I find that you have the choice of either doing what you want and enjoy alone or doing what someone else wants to do regardless of how much it appeals to you. I almost always say yes to any invites I get regardless of the event or activity and I commit to those invites. But, for love or money, I can't get people to want to do what I would like to do. And it's not like I enjoy weird, impossibly-hard, or boring pursuits.

The grocery cashier customer relationship is strangely intimate.

They know your diet..they know your relationship status if you're always by yourself and buying enough food for one or two. If you see them all the time you have to be careful not be seen as flirtatious and keep things on a strictly professional food buying level.

Kooky Strange Thing

I once had a lover. We met online and carried on a hot, sexy, creative sex life. Until we actually met. That was a big mistake. He was a big mistake. It will go down in my personal history as THE biggest let down in my sexual, interpersonal history books. Phew..glad I was stuck with him for a lifetime.

Feel like a failure

I felt like it most of my life. I hoped that one day I would achieve something so amazing that I’d feel good about myself. I also hoped that life goals like finding a great partner, moving ahead in my career, etc, was just going to happen to me later in life. But last year I was diagnosed with cancer and it’s come back again. The first round was hard enough to get through. I’ve been told that the fact that I’m still alive and a good person with people who love me is what I should focus on but it’s difficult when I think of all those years watching people around me move ahead in life while everything I struggled to accomplished didn’t seem good enough. I just don’t want to die feeling like a failure.

I confess!

I wish I was the ruler of the world. I’d stop factory farming and mass production of plastics. I’d abolish oil and make sure we lived sustainably. Solar power would be the only power. My life would be pure bliss and I’d never be bored because I’d travel all over the world in my personal solar powered flying saucer admiring gorgeous architecture and world class art. I’d make sure that artists everywhere were creating more beauty for us to admire by paying them high salaries. I’d donate money to developing nations and make sure everyone everywhere had clean drinking water and enough food to live comfortably. Male humans would have vasectomies at birth to manage population. There would be an end to war and famine and we’d all live happily ever after. The end.

Crazy Lady

I admit I want my crazy on again off again girlfriend to marry me but I’m afraid to ask and even more afraid of the commitment. I love her with all my heart but my life is really stressful when she’s around. She’s so cool though. She’s always down for anything. I’d just have to put up with her being insane about 20% of the time. That’s a lot of the time.

Afraid or Success

I have a hard time envisioning myself getting as successful as I want to be. I have all the talent, charisma and work ethos but my insecurities hold me back. It’s so frustrating. I’m the only thing standing in my way!!

"reach out"

the next time I hear someone say this I think I'll throw up.


At whole foods Cambie in line

I saw you and we chatted after you knocked over the shelf as we were in line. Then we chatted...

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