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Not me

It seems like everyone is out there living these fabulous lives. I’m so depressed.


I started volunteering with a City owned non-profit last year. I'm professionally employed full time, so I wanted a position in the background. Unfortunately, none were available so I did the front facing job that requires shifts of 4-6 hours. I was recently advised this year the volunteer roles I had wanted to apply for went to UBC co-op students. I love the organization, but the 4-6 hour shifts dealing with the public even once a month are killer. I asked the volunteer coordinator to consider 2 hour shifts, but was declined. I feel like they don't value my time at all, and am thinking I will have to quit because I don't feel I can meet their time committments. This is why organizations only have high school students and retirees as volunteers.

bow wow wow!

so I bought my nice dog a special scooby snack and when I went to move her off the carpet with it she growled at me for the first time ever. I done held a personal grudge against my dog for about an entire week.

Fact or fiction

My ex told me he received a call from a mysterious stranger who said" Stay the hell away from her", or watch your back. Man that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done to protect me. Thank You I mean, you never really know with my ex. Cause he lies alot. But if its true, I want to meet you. Cause its been a real rocky road lately and its nice to have a friend in your corner. So Sweet.

Ashes to ashes

Lincoln and Jesus were my heroes when I was young but I didn't do anything with my life because I convinced myself there was no point since we're all gonna die anyway


I'm totally and utterly convinced it exists. Like, if you're riding your bike recklessly on the road, then it should be your fate to crash into a ditch and land in a pile of shit.

Shut up or leave!

I get angry when newcomers or visitors (and more often than not it seems that Australians are the worst for this) whine about or make fun of the rain here. You should have done some research before coming—we basically live in a temperate rainforest. You know all those beautiful trees and the lush green spaces you like to take selfies in? Not possible without the rain. Rain is life here, and it's beautiful. If you want nonstop heat and glaring sun, go to a desert. And show some respect for Mother Nature; the land doesn't exist to serve your delusional, ignorant vacation dreams.

Mistaken identity

In my hometown when I was goring up, there was a child actor that was on some prominent commercials who has a name that is almost identical to mine. One time I even got sent to the wrong summer camp because our names were on different lists. I secretly resented being mistaken for him because no-one wants to be thought of as the "more beans please" kid.


Riding by

You saw a woman walking along Pender toward Commercial on Saturday night. She was walking very...

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