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I'd be the perfect parallel couple

I just thought about traveling to an alternate parallel reality to a world in which I was born a woman instead of a man because I would make a perfect companion for myself. I would always know what I'm thinking, and I would always be in perfect agreement with myself.

Conflicted: To Dye or Not To Dye?

Recently, I've been thinking about about the global backlash against the Miss India Pageant where the contestant's photographs had been altered in Photoshop to make their skin appear lighter – a $400 million dollar industry in India, apparently. (And there was a creepy "Stepford Wives" uniformity to the women's appearance as well; I'm glad that the community called out the Pageant organizers.) This news story also made me realize something that I've been struggling with – I feel like a huge racist when I feel disappointed to see a lovely east Asian or South Asian woman with bleached blonde hair. Maybe it has something to do with seeing western beauty standards being applied to other cultures? I guess it kind of feels as if subscribing to the "Barbie" beauty ideal undermines and undervalues the natural beauty of many Asian women. (One of my south Asian co-workers has the most beautiful, blue-black, silky-looking hair I've ever seen. If she dyed it, I'd cry.) Yet, I also believe that every woman has perfect dominion over her own body and, if she wants to wear her hair blonde, or wear blue contacts, or even bleach her skin, that's her choice and no one else's business, including mine. But when I see it, it makes me sad. Then again, maybe they're just having fun trying out a new look and I'm just super over-thinking it! But then I remember that I'm a northern European woman with blue eyes and blonde hair and I feel like a racist (again) who shouldn't have an opinion about this.

Nosy neighbour

I feel like every single thing I do is being monitored by the old woman who lives above me. If I’m out in my yard, suddenly she’s on the balcony sweeping it. If I’m on the phone, all noise from her unit stops and I can hear her literally poised directly above where I’m sitting. I know I’m not imagining it because she’s commented more than once about my personal life. I’m pretty boring as it happens. I don’t live a crazy wild life at all. I’m a quiet introvert for the most part. I just hate this feeling of being watched! I feel like having a loud conversation about something completely outrageous just to see what she does. Maybe I should pretend I’ve been involved in some kind of criminal situation or something. If she’s not spying on me, she’s having loud drunken visitors (a bunch of ladies in their 70’s who can drink pretty much anyone under the table from what I can tell) until all hours and then they all stomp around and fall over in the middle of the night. If I have a guy over, look out! Suddenly she’s hanging over the balcony drunk and trying to flirt with him like she’s 30 or something. I want to move but where is there to go??


I hooked up a female friend with one of my buddies. It wasn't until after they hit it off I realized i had a crush on her. no more match making for me!

Tired of my work situation

I am so tired of my work situation. I have put up with it for months. The bosses are aware that we need more staff and they keep making excuses and act like everything is okay. They need to get real and hire more people. The worst part is that I have to pretend to be okay, happy, and positive so that I will get a good reference when I move on to somewhere else. Lately I have been trying to be more assertive and realistic about things with them, so hopefully they will hire more people to balance the high workload. I really liked my job when I started a few years ago. I am a younger person and it is my first job, but lately they are really driving me away because often all of the responsibilities of 2-3 people rest on me which really sucks. They don't pay me enough for this. I wouldn't mind travelling to a further job if it means stability with many people to work with who are dependable, and respectful bosses who actually care about the employees instead of favoring people who have been there longer. I am so sick of all the everyday bull. I don't like it anymore and it is making me lose my appetite. Nobody deserves to be put through this. I understand that it is like this at a lot of places and I don't want to deal with it anymore. I am stuck at this job because it pays well and I need to help my family who has done so much for me - for now I am staying there for them. I will probably apply to/work at a different job in the same company soon because I deserve happiness and respect, not anxiety/dread from what should be a place to look forward to spending a majority of my time. It's too bad because I really liked working there in the past, and look forward to seeing certain people, oh well. If any of you are in a similar situation or have any good advice, let me know. I appreciate it. Thank you.

What a _________

I have no time for a social life. I get home from work at 5 and pass out within 2hrs of being there. Weekends are used to rest/sleep. Just a working guy with no friends.

Anyone else notice how "1984" is not a bad thing any longer?

It's amazing how easily we've accepted Govt and corporate monitoring and surveillance of every aspect of our lives..all under the guise of keeping us "safe".....glad I'll be gone from this earth before we truly get The Hunger Games...


I don’t know why I’m even surprised. I completely expected him to behave exactly as he always had. Call me an eternal optimist, or perhaps an eternal fool, for thinking that just possibly he had finally recognized what he needed to change in order to have a successful relationship with me (or with any other woman for that matter). Of course he hadn’t! His hypocrisy is legendary. He really believes that it’s me who “doesn’t get it”, even though he dictated the parameters of the relationship up front, and when I behaved exactly as one should under those parameters, he lost it. Apparently the rules only apply to me, but he can do and say whatever he likes. I was supposed to fall into line like a good little sycophant. Well, I didn’t, and now he says he’s disappointed and hurt. He said it was so sad that I just didn’t get it. I’m not sad though. I’m just relieved that the past year of pain and suffering is now in my past, and I’ve obviously learned enough to not ever have to go through it again.

Green Savings

I'm glad I kept a good relationship with my pot dealer while everyone was going to the shops. The govt stuff (which doesn't even come from Canada) is mind-bogglingly expensive.


I had a dream about you last night, it was so hot and sexy. All the kissing and touching, just about drove me mad. I woke up wondering, would it be as good as my dream, being with you? May have to find out, now! Mmmmm


Super store

You were in a line up at checkout 7 on your phone. Was hoping I could get you to notice me at...

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