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Let if flow

I hereby confess that I am pro pipeline. Build them, build them all!

How do you do it?

Trying to end a long term relationship of 15 years. The pain I know I will inflict on them makes this so scary. I did it a few years ago, we got back together. I tried to leave last year, they managed to convince me to stay and the ease of not leaving won...we're still together now. The stress of all the bullshit I'll have to deal with leaving makes me want to avoid it and just stay, how pathetic is that? If you were with someone that wanted to leave, wouldn't you just let them leave? I wouldn't want to stay with or try to convince someone to stay who wants to leave. There is only so much I can say before I start to say something I regret just so they'll get mad and 'let' me leave.


IM BORED.. But not giving up! Pretty sure the next door is opening. Wish me luck Moving on up like the Jeffersons.. Chow


I often check Missed Connections and I Saw You’s, hoping beyond hope that one day somebody, anybody might notice me. I know it’s irrational, borderline narcissistic and a complete waste of time, because it will never happen. But if I couldn’t see myself, I would swear I’m transparent.

So i miss you much.

I still confess this my love is still there, i swear I felt you with me after I was arrested last long weekend Friday yes it was such a fun time. Surrprisingly though not as bad as you'd think. I got shit to do now when i feel its right ill find you cause ilu and thats well as say that. Thank you for all your help i think i may forget to say that to you. Im out. Recovery is on my plate atm gl syas.


Not a fan of Trump or any other people just talking for living but I like the way be blew up couch crusaders bandwagon hoppers such as politicians jumping on no brainer pc stuff like global warming, womens rights etc to stay popular to get re elected. "Hiding" behind these issues are not hard. What I call professional lever pullers as in voting akin to pulling las vegas slot machines for living e.g Nancy Palocy, Al Gore, Clintons. At least Trump is taking away these issues so other shameless politician to put on their padded resume.

Wanna chill out and let it all go?

Put in your ear buds, crank The Hip’s “As I wind down the Pines”, close your eyes and picture yourself on a calm, gorgeous lake. Perfection. RIP Gordie.

My Ex

You wanna know the truth. My Ex took everything I ever had. He always had his hand out for cash and he hurt me and was a controlling , mind game player. Only really cared about himself. I only have one thing left he wants. And I will never give it to him. Never And I will be free him soon. I even tried to be his friend after all the shit he did to me. So sad. So Stupid I was, Not anymore!!!!

Harm Reduction

All it took me to never want to do heroin was watching one of those junkie movies in my teens. Take your pick from whichever generation - Requiem For A Dream, Trainspotting, Sid And Nancy, etc.


At the Gogol Bordello Concert

I saw you right as soon as I walked into the Commodore. Your buddy and you were leaning up...

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