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For my entire adult life I have been ashamed to be a North American and wondered why the rest of the world wants to be like us.

Fool Me Once

Last year around this time I lived in Toronto and some friends dragged me to a seasonal haunted house attraction. Halfway though I legit peed my pants, I guess a few beers beforehand and being chased by a chainsaw wielding clown will do that to me! Anyways, it was very obvious what happened and my friends bugged me mercilessly, giving me the nicknames “pissy pants,” “scaredy cat” and “diaper girl.” Six months after the incident some of them wrapped up a bunch of Pampers for my birthday (I graciously accepted them and donated them to my local food bank). Fast forward to now and I am back living in Vancouver, with all of the witness to my pants wetting friends back in TO. Yesterday a friend here invited me to something called “PNE Fright Nights” which sounds like a living nightmare. I thought this was behind me! I’m thinking I will be “busy” that night!


I make less money than I did before I went back to school.

Time For A New Career

I don't want to answer to millennials any more. I'm too old for this shit


I have no kids. I'don't have a "real" careers I've worked hard at. I make an ok living, but not good one. I live well, I have a partner that is a dream, and for the most part I wake up every day happy to just be alive and awake next to my dream partner. I've done some fantastic things over the years. Many I speak to are unhappy with money, family, job, grind. I would really, really like to know who over 35 is happy, and if you are unhappy, what I the cause ie: work, spouse, kids, that makes you unhappy.

Hard choices

When is the best time to tell someone their partner is cheating on them?When they are at work or on their days off and of course when the partner isn’t there.All the lying is driving me crazy,watch out shit storm coming in.


The worst thing I’ve ever done in my life is give a fuck what other people think of me.

Where did I go wrong

That moment when you open a can of soup, by yourself, on your 40th birthday. When I look at myself and my life, I do not see the man I wanted to be. The sound of that can opening was not a good moment.

A different fantasy

I watch those cheesy Vancouver-shot romantic comedies with the bad writing, but not for the romantic storyline. I watch the way the protagonist's loving parents interact with her, and with each other, and I fantasize that my family could be like that, too. Instead I've cut off contact with one parent who gets mad at me when I do adult things like get a job, and go on dates. I'm in my 30's ffs.


tyler /bobby/ rhett

Hey I met you at fortune sound club for blackalicious, didn't say too much to you but damn,...

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