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Poverty reduction

Sorry folks but don’t wait for the government to step in to fix everything. It won’t happen. Poverty is due to a host of factors - some of which you can actually do something about instead of waiting for some magic to happen. There’s even an old lady who dumpster dives and gets about $15-20 daily in bottles that she donates to charity. $15 x 30 days is $450 which isn’t bad money and it’s all there for free. Of course it doesn’t help that single mother who has no prospects of doing the same while juggling 2 jobs to pay rent and daycare...but you should not rely on the government. They make promises and that’s what gets them elected. They should gave an automatic mechanism that fires them from their government jobs if they don’t achieve 50% of their promise after 1-2 years. Then the runner up gets a crack at it....

Bitter sweet summer

I am so conflicted by the arrival of summer. I love the sun, and feel the city lift noticeably. But when I see all the people enjoying each others company, it sharpens the pang of loneliness


I work in a large company and sometimes we have to take training courses. Many people I don’t know because they are at other sites. Why does the teacher always ask us to divulge personal shit about ourselves to the class? I don’t want to tell everyone how many pets I have or what I do on the weekends. Just teach the class and leave me alone.


I kind of wish I lost my virginity when I was in high school, but I was very girl shy so that didn’t happen. When I was in my late 20s, I had a goal at the forefront of my mind: to lose my virginity before I turned 30. I achieved that goal at 28 and have felt very satisfied ever since.


I'm really goddamn lonely, and have been for so long.

Don’t Personalize

Generally I get along very well with my co-workers. But of all the 20 people that I work with, there are three who are just plain weird. They come off as very cold, stand offish and rude. They’re nice to everyone else except me and only say hello to me if I take initiative. It used to bother me a lot and really affected my work performance, so then I decided to go and seek counseling. My counsellor that I spoke with gave me the best advice on how to deal with workplace culture. Don’t personalize. You can’t get everyone to like you and you don’t own their problems. The Workplace is like a family and the ones whom aren’t your favorites are like weird cousins. I keep in mind that I’m getting paid to do my job, then clock out and go home. You’re not here to win friends over, but let’s say if you drawn to certain people and happen to become close friends with someone at work, then that’s a bonus. But at the end of the day, the job is what matters. I just go in and do my job, live and let live.

I used to be... of those people that complained about the cost of living and the social dynamic of Vancouver. I was blinded by my love of this city to notice what I was giving up for the privilege of living here. Now that I have left, I am appreciative that I had the fortunate luck of living in one of the WORLD's best cities for over 10 years. To the people that are worried about the future, enjoy the now, take a deep breath and realize while you may not get the chance to enjoy Vancouver for the rest of your life, you are one of the lucky that at least experienced it. As for me, I found a city with amazing food, culture, some of the best snowboarding there is, and it is a fraction of the cost....but I'll never say where :)

Fat :(

I get called fat a lot by other people in school and on social media but I'm not that fat. I'm only twenty five pounds overweight. I dont want to go to gym no more but I have to cause I want to lose a bit of weight. Maybe five pounds or so. But they point at my fat and call me pregnant which I'm not, or fatty or make pig noises at me. I try to be positive but it's hard. I eat more when I feel hurt.


St. Paddy's Day at Superstore in...

You were hunched over your cart, are really tall with brown hair that looked like it might curl a...

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