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A different fantasy

I watch those cheesy Vancouver-shot romantic comedies with the bad writing, but not for the romantic storyline. I watch the way the protagonist's loving parents interact with her, and with each other, and I fantasize that my family could be like that, too. Instead I've cut off contact with one parent who gets mad at me when I do adult things like get a job, and go on dates. I'm in my 30's ffs.


Fuck you drugs. Fuck you for turning my sweet prince into some unrecognizable monster who let drugs ruin our beautifully planned future and do unforgivable things. Fuck you drugs, fuck you to death for breaking my heart and taking away my breath that was my heart. I dont think i will ever recover from this one.

damn it

damn it all to hell. i just dont care anymore. i used to care. i want to care. i used to have dreams, ideals, a vision. now i just laze around like a sloth and dont do anything. i hope it is just a phase and that i will one day contribute something again. i am not proud of this and dont enjoy it and am deeply ashamed of it. but i keep doing it and make next to no effort to change anything.

I was not expecting all the good stuff

That came along with sobriety. I’ve been sober for about 9 months now after decades of addiction problems. I feel so much better physically and especially mentally, and along with that came self confidence that I haven’t had in years. Aced a job interview and got a great job that I wanted, met an awesome lady and received some unexpected great financial news. This sober lifestyle really agrees with me! Very thankful and grateful!

I've lost that loving feeling

My "ex" is trying to hoover me. Too bad...for them... because I lost interest. They're just an anybody now and I ignore their attempts to anonymously contact me. That's what happens when one takes love for granted, pushes you away and ignores you. You forget what they meant to you because they waited too long, and all the feeling and sentiment has evaporated. The moral of the story is that it doesn't pay to be too sure of one's self when "the deal" was never sealed.

I have a confession to confess

When I was a kid I was really afraid of noodles. I didn’t like how they were long and stringy and wormy looking. Now even as an adult sometimes they still make me cringe.


I'm looking forward to those cool, foggy, weekend mornings when I can snuggle longer in my blankets without feeling uncomfortably warm.

I was cleaning

out the garage and came across my old guitar. Dusted it off, so funny I tried lessons long ago, but I just never seem to get it. Maybe I will find a place for some private lessons. Finally play a song! Anyone know a place in the east end? Need someone patient !

Yeehaw - What a ride!

My life and work life have far too much going on in them. I need a 2 week vacation but I can't. I have the money for it but for other reasons I can't. I smoke weed and on the weekend I drink some alcohol to cope with the stress. I know it's not what I should be doing but shit, it feels too good not to do it right now. Weed so I sleep. Alcohol to escape to a happier place. It's all I can do for now.

My first date in a few years

Was one of the strangest experiences of my life. It was a blind date and I know better. So strange, this woman literally disagreed with everything I said. Movies, books, music, Vancouver weather, Trump. After 30 minutes of this, I told her it was clear we weren’t compatible and left. Jesus, single life looks pretty great after that fiasco.


tyler /bobby/ rhett

Hey I met you at fortune sound club for blackalicious, didn't say too much to you but damn,...

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