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Sexy Neighbour

I want to have raunchy, dirty sex with my neighbour. He’s a big burly builder and he’s hot as fuck.

Here it is the real Whooper.

It goes like this, if we can not find a way to communicate meaningfully and from a place of total heart felt honesty. That dose not rlook like a sign reading one way street. Well than I and yourself will be forever tied unrelentlessly to the friendzone pole forever. Now I can live with this no doubt, but I hope to be less a matter of a hormonal curse when I'm around you. So we can be friends again. I will buy a shit ton of surgical masks to wear and sun glasses. So that my over whelming ugliness doesn't get you so hot and bothered. Or we both saddle that fucking horse(no bareback, saddles are not usually built for two.Oh please refrain from any type sexual reference here. Horse can be ridden both ways ...FUCK!! Lesson to others here stay away from horse metaphors and confusing complicated situations. Trust me when I say it's a legitimate concern here.

Life Without Beer

A few years ago I started to experience gum pain, tooth aches and bad breath. No matter how much I flossed, brushed and used mouthwash the problems wouldn't end. I visited multiple dentists that praised me on my dental care yet couldn't identify the source of the problem. But then I went a few nights without drinking and the issues stopped. And if I drink again and it comes back. It's nice to have it figured out, but I have a hard time resisting. Some days I visualize that beer I won't have ALL DAY.

All these years later

Many years ago I got caught in the rain in a dress and no jacket. While crossing the street a stranger gave me his umbrella. “Keep it. You need it more than I do,” he said, as we walked across the crosswalk and then parted ways. All these years later I still think about that moment. Oh by the way this occurred at St. Lawrence market in Toronto. That kind of kindness isn’t observed here in Vancouver. #fucky’all

Vancouver uniform?

What is it with this Canada goose coat craze in Vancouver. It seems that this brand of coats is a mandatory uniform with a certain ethnic group. Are these coats counterfeit or are people actually spending over 1k on a bloody winter coat.

Looking at France

The yellow-jacket protests remind me of the Canadian situation. But why doesn't anything happen in Canada? We're taxed an arm and a leg, and in Vancouver we cannot afford to live basically. It makes me wonder why yellow-jacket protests have not caught on here.

All the things I cannot say

That I can’t wait to see you but I can’t bring myself to find you. That I’m so happy when you come find me and so sad when you leave to be with someone else. That I believe you every time you tell me I’m not your type and am so confused every time you look at me like I am. That you pull and push and pull and I hate it. That I know I’m too sensitive for you and you are too careless for me. That I want to be done.

Forgive and Forget

That's what is meant to happen. Your censorship and continued gagging of my side of the story has made this impossible. So, while you carry on with your life and pretend that you did nothing wrong...I am left tied to the wreckage of our friendship. You are a coward. A spectacular liar and a coward. Carry on in your virtual reality. One day you'll have to take the mask off and look at the reality of what you have done and how you have behaved. And so will she.

Rude fucking Vancouver

Everyone in this city is so fucking rude. From the fuck heads who deliberately walk in your path on the sidewalk, to the shitbrains who need rush on to the bus before they let people off, to the random fuck yous and screaming idiots at all hours of the night. Eat some shit Vancouver. You deserve it.


coffee shop barista

hi, u are a barista and I think u've been dropping hints. I'm bad at that non-verbal...

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