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Missing old school Mario Bros

I think that both Mario and Luigi should go back to wearing red and green overalls with blue shirts because it makes them look more Italian.

Bareback sex

When I hooked up with some girl a while back, I never wore a condom. But we both decided if wanted to have a baby before the intercourse.

Heir To A Thrown

She's a nightmare walkin' psychopath talkin' she 's the Queen of her jungle, she's the best damn gang-stress stalkin'. So why wouldn't I feel like going out and doing that which, I have not since I was 23 yrs old. Pay for sex, it has been too long, I have all I can stand, I can stand no more. My balls are full, the B.S.U.B point is nearing the nuclear action and over reactionary point . There has to be a venting of this passage before my crotch goes into a 3 Mile Island type tragedy. I feel both sad and excited. It's been 2 and 1 half years since I had a release of sexual nature with someone than myself. Masturbation is no longer covering the spread. So I confess I'm going to buy an hour of the beautiful woman's time that is PHAT and damn straight DTF. Wish me luck or ya know not.

Tom Petty said it best

Whatever you're looking for, don't come around here no more. I've given up, on waiting any longer. I've given up, on this "love" getting stronger. I don't feel you anymore. You darken my door. You tangle my emotions. It's over.

What's the best way

to get over someone? Age old question I know but I'm having trouble with it. I moved here last spring, met someone , had some great times but now that spring is coming again and I'm outside on my same balcony arranging plants and having wine like we used to do , but now I'm alone and all the memories of last spring are back and I still feel sad. I don't want these memories to ruin how nice spring should feel.

I fully support an Alberta pipeline

Because oil and gas production is the only thing Alberta is good at. They can't diversify; they don't have an educated workforce. Everyone who doesn't fit the Albertan mold has already left. Take away oil and gas and you condemn the while province to poverty.


I own 4 apartment buildings and the amount of time and effort I am spending combating this drug/homeless epidemic is staggering. The exterior stairwells constantly smell like urine. The Maintenance worker has to spray these areas in each building every morning. Often times there is a person sleeping there with all kinds of garbage, trash, and used needles. Often times the homeless/drug addict is crazy and is swinging around a broom or a hockey stick. I have tenants many of which are women who do not deserve to have to pay upwards of $2000 a month in rent to deal with this. The police are often called and they deal with the situation but this person is usually back on the street in 24 hours doing the same things. Its not the police officers fault as their hands are tied. The alleys constantly have soiled mattresses and tents. Its just a bad situation for everyone. People should not be fearful of walking around their own city. I sympathize with these people but I think we need to make it a crime to camp in front of buildings and throw them in jail immediately if they do not leave. We also need to make it 100% illegal to have any illegal drugs on you. If you do you go to jail for six months immediately. We care more about the well being of homeless drug addicts then the people who go to work everyday and try to make this city a better place.

vicious cycle

the less i go outside the more scared i am of going outside

Endless texting

What is it that all these people who are texting all the time have to communicate so frequently?


What the heck are sundries anyway?!

You: a taller, more handsome Cillian Murphy doppelgänger. ...

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