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Gender Bender

My girlfriend is sexy, pretty and we have good sex, but I can't help craving the hot sex I've had with men over the years, the last time being almost a year ago. I love women and am very attracted to them, but I still lust to be with men once in a while.


Sister-in-law's bum in my face for 10 minutes. Just great. Tsk, I don't even know why I even participate in these silly games. I'm way too old for this shit.

Baby it's cold outside

I wish I had someone to cuddle up with. My husband hasn't touched me in ten years and we sleep in separate rooms. Pathetic I know. No love lost when we split, I just don't know when or how I can do that without devastating my children.


My mother signed me up for ballet in the early 90's. I was an 8-9 year old boy at the time, and we had just moved to Hicksville USA. I don't think I learned much in ballet class, but as soon as the other kids in the public school found out, I learned a lot about perceptions of gendered activities, fighting and bullying. Thanks mom!

Oh Gawd, Not Again

Picture this. You're a 20 something Health Sciences major at Sunday breakfast with the whole family and sitting across the table from your 49-year old dad, known for his really fucking weird food habits. You and everyone else can't help but watch and cringe as he smears some peanut butter and jam on a sausage and pops half of it into his mouth. Silence at the table. Like, what the fuck! I absolutely hate when he does things like this. It just freaks me the fuck out. He's my dad, and I love him, but I swear he does it on purpose just to get on my nerves.

Poof! Gone!

I deleted my Facebook account on Christmas Day!!!


More often than not, I’ve become a lot more angrier now than I was when I was younger. Things tend to bother me a lot and I rarely smile as much these days. I honestly don’t know what smiling is nowadays. Soda help me cope I just eat marijuana gummy‘s. On one hand they make me feel relaxed, zoned out and help me with sex. But once the highway wears off and leaves my body for good, I end up feeling irritable. My head feels hung over and I tend to get really cranky. When I get irritable, I need lots of time to myself. A lot, and I don’t want to see or talk to anybody. Then superimposed on top of that, I have Autism.

Hell of a ride

Family feud. And the bigger person was my brother. He amazed me and he is smarter than I gave him credit for. And those who take, just keep taking. True colours this season. You reap what you sow. You give nothing, you get nothing.


For me at least, the perks of below zero temperatures mean I can use my second, outdoor fridge - a cooler on my balcony. I can store extra food without wasting electricity to keep it cool. I've been told it's a very Canadian thing to do haha.


There is a first time for everything. Apparently it's dangerous cuddling my kitten when yawning. He just stuck his paws (yes both paws) in my mouth! I now know the taste of kitty toe beans...


Cute Guy at Vaccination Clinic

We were standing in line waiting to get our boosters and we talked about the book I was reading, ...


Savage Love: FinDom comes in different flavours

Dan sought input from Master AJ (photographed) for answers to a question from a gay male reader about financial domination.

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