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What help?

The Liberal's new budget wants to put in place several changes to help first time home buyers get into the housing market. These proposals are only going to make matters worse in the lower mainland as a whole bunch of buyers will enter the market. All this will serve is to make housing more expensive and difficult to obtain. We need affordable rental housing and affordable condos and not luxury condos and rentals that only the 1% can afford.

It hurts

I have an appointment and all these important errands to do today and all I want to do is hide in my apartment. I should be happy about this beautiful weather but it’s unsettling for the moment. I’ll get used to it in time.

I don' ge tit

If loves is forever and wears a frock Why do I scream at the sudden shock Of finding my bike gone unlocked lock The unceasing circle around the block

Did I make a terrible mistake?

I confess that I'm tortured by thoughts that a decision I made last year to end a relationship with someone that I really loved, may have been a mistake. I had good reasons, but after so much time passing and my feelings not getting any less strong, I keep wondering if I acted too quickly. Maybe I could have waited until we could see each other in person so that we could have talked face to face about the big argument. Maybe my illness clouded my judgement and made me act impulsively. I did reach out once, but was met with so much anger and so many terrible things said, that I haven't tried again. My life was always difficult with him, because he was controlling and I was tough. We had many, many big arguments. I'd get fed up and end it, but we'd keep finding each other again. I know that life with him isn't perfect (and I never expected it to be because I'm not perfect by any means), but without him I'm just not functioning. I feel this massive void and I've lost interest in most things. Anyway, I thank you for listening. I guess I just have to live with the consequences of a decision made in haste.

My Favourite NatGeo Title

"Bombardier Beetles Squirt Boiling Anal Chemicals to Make Frogs Vomit".

Week Old Lemon Meringue

She rejected me so I did what many guys do. I buckled down, 80s montage style, soundtrack and all, and I became ripped and rich. I would blow her away the next time I saw her...only it took some time to do, and while I was building up my dead-lift and finances she was experiencing the effects of giving birth and gravitational force. It's now not looking like what I was working towards at all. I think I'll pass on the pie. One large black coffee please, to go.


Kill them with kindness, and don’t let other people’s negativity bring you down.


What the heck are sundries anyway?!

You: a taller, more handsome Cillian Murphy doppelgänger. ...

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