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Advice Please

I don't know where to meet a nice decent guy. Just seems like all the good ones are taken. I am a naturally shy person so its hard for me to make the first move. I always see guys checking me out but they never say anything. If I look back at them they look away. I am not asking for much I just want a nice humble guy with a job who doesn't do any drugs. I just keep waiting and waiting and I am always alone on Friday nights with my friends who are in the same position.

Holy crap, last hangover almost killed me.

No kidding, 4 days of vomiting, no eating, chugging water, horrible shame and depression. Took my leftover bottles to the street guys on the corner. Enjoy guys cuz I am done with booze.

It's all coming together now.

I do not care at all what has gone down, If you look me in the eye's and say this is what I feel you should know. I would n't leave you it would strengthen my bond with you, mostly because you would actually be the first to do it. A trusting virgin sexy right? Try it stop the fear train it leads to a place you have already seen and hated. I confess I'm running out of patients be quick.

Live Music Is Dying

Anyone else notice that once one music venue shuts down, there's nothing else to really replace it?

Angel named Emma

Thursday afternoon, June 13th, near Canada Place. You introduced yourself as Emma, and came to the aid of my son and his friend. My son is on the autism spectrum, and was being harassed by a stranger who thought he might have a weapon in his pockets. He did have some plastic tubes that he occasionally uses to “flag in” airplanes, helicopters, or the seabus. The stranger was demanding my son to empty his pockets and grabbed his shoulders and shook him. My sons friend told him to stop and suddenly you were there, telling the fellow he had to leave and leading him away, following him to make sure he truly left. Apparently my son was shaking in fear. I was not there to witness all this, but I feel a deep need to thank you. I want to thank you for being awake and alive and seeing with your eyes but also with your heart. With Angels like you in our midst, there is hope for all of us. Let us all be Angels for each other.

Selfie obsessed

I was considering taking counselling from someone, so I checked out their social media and there are selfies pretty much every second day. I cannot commit myself to taking advice from someone whose self-concept seems so skewed and self-obsessed, sorry! I was going to up until that point but yeesh

Did you know...

... that you are flying? There's at least one angstrom between you and the ground. If they've lied to you about being "on the ground", what else have they lied to you about? Remember, physics isn't just a good idea, it's the law! Supernatural (Metaphysical) laws are human behests, they are trying to bring you down! Keep flying! Let your dreams soar! Don't come down!

Saw a

Women walking her cute dog and she stopped to let it pee on someones newly planted bushes. I was going to say something but then I looked into her face and saw a Zombie. Wouldnt have made a difference!! Dam Stupid Bitch making us look bad!! I think the dog may have been smarter..humm

Government make-work projects

There isn't much difference between the Trans Mountain pipeline and the make-work projects governments executed during the depression. Only, instead of creating infrastructure we all still use 85 years later, the pipeline has dubious value and for a limited subset of the population. And instead of putting food on the table on a daily basis for hungry families, it will put a brand new pickup truck in Albertan garages every two years. Other than that, it's the same.


Golden Ears East Canyon Lot

I saw you looking at the map with your cute, overly friendly dog. I was going to introduce myself...

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