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Fingers in my ears

In the aftermath of THE GREAT WAR I blocked her email/social media for a year or so. Now many years later I wonder if she ever tried to get back in touch. I've always been too scared to make an attempt of my own but I still hope one day for the message that never arrives.

here to work

who is that person talking to on the phone all day long?


When people are being facetious electronically and add a little happy face emoticon, it makes me want to punch them in the face.

Parallel Parking

When I learned to drive, a gauge to when to cut your wheels to parallel park was to start at the parked car's back seat. That was when cars were basically sedans, but now with all the smartcars , huge pickups and SUVs, that whole system is useless. Oh yeah, and these non-standard sized vehicles all over really screw up viable parking spots for normal cars...

All Day Long All I Can Hear Is Him

Somebody tell that guy that speaking louder is not helping people comprehend him, it's driving me crazy but not my place to say so.

oh if i had just stayed in school

Have been in school for a month as a 33 year old and I realize 18 year olds think the same way as I do. Again I realize how mentally behind I am... we share the same thoughts! Or... what is it?

YVR transport woes

This is what frustration with tedious transport policies looks like: you land at YVR after mid-night, rush to the train station to be told that the last train just left - (why these trains stop running for like 4 hours is beyond me), then you wait for 40 mins in a taxi line-up for a $45 ride back because we're the only city in the modern world without any ridesharing service!


Everyone comes here and bitches about things that their friends say. think or do. My question is - if they don't like it so much, why do they still have anything to do with these people?

No Brainer

Sure, everyone has their own opinions on bike lanes, but to spend even more money to take them out is just asinine.

You were my oldest friend

But you've ghosted me for the last time. I swear you get the period dude. It's cyclical, friendly, you start arguing with me about internationally known scientific fact, you are a pessimist, negative all the time. I've had a change of attitude recently. From now on its all about me. I'm the smartest, funniest and best looking dude in any room. You are about as Impressive as a garden slug. Good luck, leave me alone.

If we go out on a date

And you expect me to pay, then I'm going to ask how many dinners you expect until I get laid. And just to be fair, this post isn't aimed at any gender. Just an overall statement.

About apologies

I confess that I’m big on apologizing. I’m one of those people who spends an inordinate amount of time thinking. I rehash things I said and did, I recall events and wonder how I could have done things differently in order to change the outcome. I obsess over criticism from others who were involved in the situation as well, wondering if I was wrong and they were right. I play it over and over in my mind; the situation as it happened, what I said, what they said, and trying out various versions of everything to see if perhaps I owe an apology. So many times I’ve come to the conclusion that absolutely I could have made better choices in terms of what I said or how or when, or what I did or did not do. I’ve then reached out to the other person involved and I’ve offered a sincere apology for what I believe I did wrong. To date I’ve yet to have one of those people reciprocate! Not one. I’m talking about situations where I was more than justified in being upset or angry. Situations where the other party (ies) were equally (if not more) at fault for what took place. My apology was, in every single case, either enthusiastically accepted without any acknowledgement of their own part, or else completely ignored. So I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the majority of people have no ability or desire to examine their own behaviour, and find it so much easier to lay 100% of the blame for anything that goes awry on anyone other than themselves. I’m more than willing to be accountable for my own part, but I’m damned if I’m ever again going to offer an apology to someone who has demonstrated a total inability to be accountable for theirs.

Hot daddy dude at Colony tonight

Our eyes met a number of times, before I noticed your wedding ring. I lost interest immediately after that. Afterwards, I saw you on the street passing by wth groceries, obviously for your family. Get your shit together.

Can't Deal

My girlfriend has a kid and I just don't get along with him at all. He has had no discipline in his life and has no manners. He is 14 years old and I have caught him with drugs and alcohol. He cusses to my face and his mom and knows I can't do anything about it. He has fistfuls of cash which leads me to believe hes probably selling drugs or stealing. I am not his dad so I don't discipline him and this leads to a lot of animosity with my girlfriend. His dads in jail and I am fairly certain hes heading there as well just the way hes going. So last night I made mac and cheese for dinner and he says he doesn't want it and just throws the bowl on the floor and then his moms scrambling to make him something else. This is what I am talking about. He has no rules or responsibilities and his moms just catering to this. I am just tired of this and I just can't be in this relationship and am pulling the cord.


Lufthansa MUC-YVR on Sept 16, 2018:...

You, Asian perhaps late 30s and dark half-length hair, offered to switch seats with me on the...