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Beyond reach.

Worse than being alone is being surrounded by people who make you feel cold, isolated and lonely. Cold on the inside, chilled to your bones, a desperate kind of sadness. I have a favourite YouTuber who uploads new videos almost daily and to remain sane, I pretend she and I are friends and she's in my corner, supporting me, encouraging me, cheering me on. It's a pretty sad state of affairs. I want to have a life like hers. Not fancy objects, not interested in materialism, just surrounded by kindness and community, in a safe space of my own. Those things feel like luxuries out of my reach.


Does anybody else experience telepathy that they generally hate? And is medication resistant, like real telepathy? It's not a ghost, it's not a spirit guide, tho they might say these things, its just an ahole or a few with a trick.anybody else talking to that person/them?


I’m backsliding. Any progress gained revealed an unburdened jerk. I wasn’t thinking about love. Too painful to even hope for. But then I allowed myself to try beyond my reach. You can’t fix me. You can’t accept me. And it’s fine. That’s not your job. It was an ambitious experiment. Enough now. Lay out the flowers.

I just want to go to Mars

Because the world is going to shit. I don't believe they made fun of Megan Markle on south park! That's soooo bad!!!

I wonder if it works sometimes

When I compost, I like to ensure I put everything I can in there. I wonder what would happen if I shit in the compost. Theoretically, nothing. It should just biodegrade and compost like everything else. The earth worms would love it. Is it allowed?

I cuddve done better

Omg I missed out on life harrrd. ohh so many chances i wish i took and people i should have dismissed and people i should have gone for. I wouldnt say it worked out but its probably about the same anyways, plus i kind of sucked and their definitely better off than having been involved in my shiz. Oh well, over kill, over the hill and we're all alright.

Lizzo and the Willendorf Venus

I think that Lizzo resembles the Willendorf Venus, and that they are both incredibly beautiful.


Does every girl (or person for that matter) keep at least one shoddy pair of undies that they have trouble letting go of? I do!


Ok doing 20 kms under the speed limit in the fast lane is driving me crazy! Get over you Sunday driver and stop running red lights too.

Bad idea

I thought that having the occasional conversation with someone from my past would be okay, in spite of my mixed emotions about it and how things had ended. But now I realize that it was a bad idea, because all it did was get me thinking about them again, and distracting me from my current goals. I know it ended because it was never meant to be, and the present situation is just more proof of that. So back to reality I go! One step at a time.


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We met standing by the glass, behind the Canucks bench at the Canucks LA Kings game in LA last...

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