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Coming out of the fog

Has anyone here ever come out of a very thick, long-lasting fog of gaslighting? I simultaneously feel very free and relieved to have my mind back but also baffled at how anyone could put someone through such turmoil. In addition, feeling disappointed in the mental health professionals I connected with that were no help at all. People aren't trained to understand this stuff, or are willfully ignorant of the risk they place on a survivor's wellbeing by insisting that the problem originates inside of them.

I swear

Most of these homophobic yobs dream about dating & having sex with 19 year attractive women ,or dream about having 19 year grlfriends & get turned on by women having sex with each other or fantasize about it....they just don't tell their fellow bigots (or wives)

Sometime I miss the liberating feeling....

When I was a young man, I waited for women to make the first move. Eventually, one would. I would do whatever they wanted, as far as having a relationship, and even the specifics of the sexual itinerary. I was sometimes asked to do very dirty things, way beyond oral sex. I didn’t think it had an option to say, “no”. In my 40’s, I learned that I could initiate contact with a woman, and I did. But sometimes, I missed the liberating feeling of being selected by a woman, and just doing what I was told.

Global warming

Am I the only North American that understands I am the problem. Not the oil companies . Hearing homes and driving automobiles are the cause. Burning fossil fuel I the cause . Grow a pair and realize we are the problem . Pointing fingers at someone else is a cowardly act . I consume over packaged products every day . Burn fossil fuel every day . I cause global warming. Does any one else have the courage to admit something so obvious?

I miss the 90s

There was still innocence around. People were allowed to be creative and have fun. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer are a good example. The librarian was trusted. He wasn't just considered a creepy adult hanging around Buffy. People were allowed to get their creative juices going without the government and special interest groups acting like authoritarians. I seriously wonder how much more the government and creepy interest groups will sow the seed of distrust on our society so that they can grab more control and power over people in every sphere of their private life that was once protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

Coronation punks

A lot of younger left-leaning people were complaining about the coronation. Punks don't like the Queen nowadays, but they used to want to save the Queen. It's strange how these people are such dinks. They're angry at everyone and literally put all of their money into dressing-up and think they're somehow special and make the world a better place. Everyone at the coronation had so much fun and people were so happy. They were from all walks of life and lots of different backgrounds. But punks... They're left-learning whiny losers if you ask me. Too bad they don't contribute anything to the world but don't shut-up.


As much fun and therapeutic as it has been to have my say and I thank you for that Georgia ♥️ I feel that it's not as anonymous as it appears to be. The old saying " the walls have ears " ghosts, trolls and shit. Lol There is a whole world waiting out there and it's finally my time to shine. I do wish everyone well and I hope that you all find your way through this topsy turvey thing we call life. Never be afraid to be the best you and never give up on yourselves :) My parting gift of words to you . Be kind to each other cause it really can make a difference to others and you might never even know it at that instance. Parting song, Looking for love in all the wrong places looking for love in too many faces. Bla, bla, bla bahahaha Sure. Lol

Eating healthy

It has become more important the older I get. I am trying to eat more chicken instead of red meat. It's not very difficult actually.

Hair I am

My hair is me. Literally I will get a haircut and immediately after, I look subdued, tame, correct within the lines. Then at about the 6 week mark afterwards, my hair takes on a life of its own. It wants no predefined shape or predictability. I feel I am my hair: forced to conform, to get and hold down a job, be office appropriate. But wild is just on the other side and it appears quickly. It also makes me wonder about others, how much we each have to tamp down in order to fit in to society. So I’m just glad to let my hair go wild; it’s like my superpower that gives me strength within constructs that want to remove my strengths.


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