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ever since weed was legalized

it is more difficult than ever to buy and I am beginning to suspect that the government prefers to persecute marijuana users until they completely control the situation, at least as far as the profits go. I mean, can you imagine if the government suddenly pointed to all the studies on alcohol and the damage done and said no more beer for you - what would people do? I think that 420 represents the cannabis consumer because it will be a protest, that if nothing else legalization has corrupted and threatens to eliminate our beloved BC growers who currently distribute life saving cannabis to the people rather than hold out for the highest dollar per gram. The situation here in BC absolutely deserves the right to protest but if the authorities do not think so they should try to take everyone's alcohol and then when they do allow the alcohol make sure it is nothing like the original, and charge everyone double or more you can bet it would be much more than a protest.

paper towels

After I'm done washing my hands in the work bathroom or kitchen, I use the paper towels to wipe dry....but I keep them and bring it back to my desk and quietly stash them in my bag, once I get home, they're fully dried and I reuse them at home: to wipe my mirrors, weekly clean of the kitchen, bathroom etc. They shouldn't be one time use! I could go buy paper towels but I don't....this is what all should do.

Only a dream

I just woke up from a dream. I dreamed we actually got together somehow. We had our first kiss, but it wasn't so good for you. I had to run off and brush my teeth. Then I woke up. I think it was the taste of my smoking. Maybe I should quit.

I like disposable bags

I re-use them to throw out my garbage. It's packaging for electronics that should stop.

Let It Go!

It would be nice if people didn't hold grudges. It would be nice if lovers didn't bring up shit you've gone over ad nauseam in a way to deflect the crap they did last week that you called them out on. It would be nice if we could keep our dignity when being scrutinized. What matters to you really at the end of that argument? Being right, or knowing that there is someone who loves you enough to put up with your shit? I'd say the latter. Let it go!

Notre Dame

I can’t help thinking up jokes about how upper management isn’t happy with how we’re doing things

In Love, if only....

If you are changing me under the name of growth or anything else it's not welcome. If I need to change to set the world right for you then we are not right together. I had to confess, because if another guy friend or girl friend gives me this story I am going to seek painkillers.

DI "Y"

If you don't like the way I do things for you, then do it yourself.

God I'm lonely

Have you ever been so God damn lonely that you literally want to pay someone to watch a movie and cuddle? I'm just so desperate for some semblance of human connection. To hold someone and feel their skin against mine


Having never in my life had an issue with empathy and in fact the opposite as I am ever looking for the good in everyone these days, I am quite shocked that some people have to practice being empathetic. I have to hold myself back. Where is the natural empathy in you people and do you presume it makes you have "superior" type of empathy or more professional type if you learn "how to"


Ice Col Dreams

You waiting in line at matchstick Chinatown then crossing the street in shades, me post boxing...

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