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Rich people have it easy

For the first time in my life I don't have to work. My wife accepted a high paying position in a beautiful tropical country and I spend my days lounging in the pools, swimming or working out. I eat fresh foods and smoothies because the weather encourages it. I'm now the fittest I've ever been and it came so quickly, so naturally. How are the poor living in wet grey squalor supposed to do it? I worked so hard in Vancouver on my health and my body never changed. Here, it's like magic.

Not liking the motivation so much

But I am liking the direction. Don't quit. Just ease up on pressuring yourself. You won my heart. Just get here. We can put the rest on pause to catch our breath as we recap.


I should hate you for trying to destroy my life and you did a lot of damage so far but you also deserve a thanks. So thanks. Because in your efforts to cause me harm, someone supportive who I've been secretly crushing on made it known how much he cares about me. Not only are you a failure at being a good person, youve also failed at being a bad one!

I propose a statute of limitations on idiocy

I propose a statute of limitations on idiocy. I never wore black-face, or donned a white sheet and hood, even for a yearbook photo. But god knows I did some incredibly stupid things when I was young, and just about everyone else probably did, too. I'm not talking about redemption here, just a little reasonable slack-cutting for our past indiscretions.

Kindness is sometimes overrated

Not sure how many people would do this but I lent someone almost $1000 because she was a friend and she was supposed to help me by doing chores around my home but she pretended she did not know how to do the work or even learn how to do it as though she had psychological problems doing the work. I had to pay someone else to do the work finally but meanwhile she was coming by visiting as if she was doing me a favor with her company. She prides herself on being a self taught expert in various topics but she fails miserably to convince anyone but her most loyal buddies that she has anything interesting to say either in print or in person. Not much talent and as it turns out not much aptitude for anything but taking money from others. I really know how to pick 'em ...

The Single life

I’ll always have time for you on moving day, house sitting and looking after your pets. And any other chores you may need me for.


I've been thinking, Not to be rude or uncaring.. Cause I care but do you think homeless people are left in the streets uncared about as a tatic to keep the population in line. Keep you working hard striving for something you may not even care about. This could happen to you sorta thing... A Harsh Reminder Scare Tatic. Keep you in the working cog .. I know and have seen good food, drinks everything you can imagine just thrown away.. And I mean on a large scale..Not giving to those that really need it.. There is truly enough to go around health care ,food, things.. Why are they being with held. Destroyed Even.. A better sytem should be in place. There is a better life we could all be leading.. Why are the heads in charge not even caring about us the people.. We all know it .. A better system that makes everyone Happy.. Healthy Is it really just all about money and power?


isnt torn down in Vancouver?? the city has become the most bland sterile gentrified vanity project on earth, zero character left, everything just has to be brand new shiny glass soulless crap, people have become pretentious and gentrified too ... sad I miss the real Vancouver.

Non-profit performing arts manager in Vancouver

Been doing this work since the early 2000s. I see attention spans shrink, technology continue to invade lives, non-Western European art forms continue to decline in relevance, philanthropic trends shift, and government funding continue to wane. Curious for thoughts: what's the future of the arts in this city?

Dear everyone:

If you're a homophobe, a racist, an anti-choice, sexist piece of trash, you don't deserve anything


Bel Cafe stylish fedora

You: gorgeous suit, coffee with 2 friends/colleagues discussing traveling. No wedding ring. Me:...

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