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I watched something I didn't want to, before realizing what it was. Now I feel like a pos, who'll have a massive aura of ick surrounding me, for the rest of eternity.

Can’t stand it

If there’s a cute woman out there that would like to do my shopping of any kind please contact me. I fucking hate shopping as I’m too impatient.

Bryan Adams

When I was 20 I really liked the song Run To You by Bryan Adams. I thought the video was kinda cool too when he ran to that the women. I listened to it again recently at age 40 and I realized that the song is about a guy who cheats on his wife or girlfriend. I thought it was a love song. I find it amusing that I got it ALL wrong. Maybe a lot people do too.

E - I don't think I'll ever truly move on..

Sure, we're friends - but I know we still have that weird energy. You'll always be more than 'just' a friend to me. Amazing, cute, vibrant, charismatic, funny, loving, giving - I could go on all day. Don't get me started on your laugh and sense of humor. I don't even know if G knows how lucky he truly is. You're super happy with him, which is great. I still think if you had 'been ready' at the time, we would've had nothing but great time(s) together. ..B

Miss You

My only friend, miss chewing the fat with u. I know your busy. Me Too. Its hard to be a friend in a certain situation right now. I just wanted to be able to be a good friend, You know, not let you down Be there all the time. Soon


my ex chose their addiction over our relationship. they're in denial. "they can quit any time," "they have it under control," and "it's not a big deal." i'm finding it hard to accept. i'll accept it eventually, but for now, it just hurts.

After all this time

We dated 25 years ago and somehow you're still in my life. You're with her, I'm with him....and yet, anytime I see you, I go weak at the knees. You are so lovely, Mr. S. Why can't I shake you?

Mo money

I am trying to get rich on the stock market. But the truth is, I don't really care about the money. I just want girls to like me. The things we do for love.


It’s hard to give a bus driver your number

I had been walking in Pacific Spirit and got on the number 14 eastbound by the golf course. I...

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