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Leave me alone

I have no interest in having children. I don’t want kids. It’s just not within my hearts desire. I don’t hate children. I’m just not interested in being a parent, that’s all. But what really bothers me is when people ask, and I say no because all they do is criticize me for it, as if I’m some horrible selfish person. Mind your own business and worry about your own lives.

Actually, I kinda like it

When a troll makes a confession, I actually burst out laughing on the sky train and looking a bit like an idiot. Sometimes it is very interesting to see their creativity. :)


I’ve had it with Baby Boomers telling every other generation that it’s our fault we can’t get a house or a good job. I’m part of Gen X and have been dealing with boomers sucking up jobs and not letting us in all my life. Now we have to deal with a bunch of Millennials coming up from behind. In my office I have a guy who’s 70 and showing no sign of leaving. Yet when I mention this, boomers tell me that I should have pity that he didn’t save enough, yet it’s my own fault I don’t own a house. The next time anyone wants to get into a debate with their parents here are some fun stats and facts. Accountants use “Future Value” and “Past Value” of money to factor inflation. This needs to be taken into account. It’s true that in the past interest rates were higher and you needed a larger down payment for a house. But let’s look at how hard it was to get that money. In 1984 the average cost for a house was $76,351 this translates to $162,650 in 2018 terms. Currently the average price of a house is $480,743 which would be $225,669.88 in 1984. So obviously the average price of a home has gone up, but what about wages. The average wage in 1984 was $23,077 or $49,160 in 2018 while the average was in 2018 was $55,805 or $26,196 in 1984 terms. So, what can we see from this? It appears that house prices went up by 30% on average while salaries only went up by 12%. And I haven’t even looked at education or other costs of living. So ya Boomers, you had it easier, stop telling us that we’re lazy.

I’m looking

To undergo vasectomy this summer to protect myself

No regrets.

You and I have never dated, but for months we took advantage of being at each other's fingertips each time we craved each other. I miss it, how you wanted me because I still want you. Do I regret sleeping with you the first time we hung out? I know in my heart, I don't. However, lately when I think back on it, I can't help but think, if I didn't, I would at least have some kind of place in your heart today.

It's sad..

That's there's such evil people out there who will hate you simply for who you are, without even knowing you as a person.

There goes $5

Two appliance bulbs from Walmart burn out in 3 weeks. What the heck is going on here. I'm switching brands.

I know it’s been confessed

a million times but working out really does improve mental health in addition of course to physical health. I was diagnosed bipolar type 2 about 10 years ago. I get more benefit from the gym than counselling. The meds help level me off but hitting the gym is the best med I’ve ever taken. Meds + gym + sobriety = content. Awesome!


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