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Don't Try This At Home, Folks

I once went on a date with someone from GS Confessions, we made contact through an "I Seen You". It didn't turn into anything but was a nice afternoon.

Tell Everyone You Know

I like to pour a dry bowl of cheerios and then use my tongue as a spoon. Just dip it in and voila, the cheerios stick to my tongue. Satisfaction.


Once a week I head down to Richmond to go thrift shopping at Value Village. On my way to work I saw a homeless man. No shoes, toenails like claws, barely dressed and all his possessions in transparent plastic bags. He saw me walking and practically jumped out of the way to be polite. When I approached him to give him some money, he was scared at first and then overjoyed and then very thankful. It was very humbling to encounter someone with so little. I'm thankful to still be working and having enough to at and enough to wear. There are plenty of those in this city who do not have even that much. In these stressful times, we have to remember to still be kind to one another, because we are all human beings.

He’s got a crush

So my guy and I have been together for several years now, and we’re not young. I suspected that he just wasn’t that interested in me anymore when he began making excuses not to have sex. Then the other day he was showing me a photo he had taken but before he could find it I noticed a bunch of pictures of a young woman he scrolled past. I asked him to show me them and he’d downloaded several pictures of a popular actress. He had talked about her before when we had watched a movie she was in. I said “you’ve got a crush” and he got really defensive and denied it. I know the signs when I see them. His explanation was that he thought she was very beautiful and he was just trying to “study” her face to decide if she’d had plastic surgery. Hmmnnnn...people don’t download multiple photos of a gorgeous woman unless they want to look at them a lot. I think I stumbled onto his virtual girlie mag and he was embarrassed. I know that it’s normal that he’s attracted to younger women, but I’m not going to stick around anymore. If he’s not into me anymore because I’m aging normally, I’d rather be alone than have some guy around (who’s also aging normally btw but thinks he isn’t) who is so blatantly obvious about it. I’m not dumb enough to think that I’m going to look like I used to no matter what, and I prefer to keep my dignity and walk away now.

Future Me

I am 25 years old and terrified of dying alone with no children of my own. I want to be a mother and a good wife but this virus is making meeting someone impossible. I just want to be a great mother and wife.

Shopping for groceries

Recently I tried out the grocery delivery man. I really don't like going to grocery stores but I do it anyway. This time I thought I'd give it a chance and they failed me. I was given grocery items that had half their life already gone. I was charged extra for someone to actually pick my food on top of the delivery charge. Convenient? Maybe. But I cannot trust that they will get me what I want and I will not settle for anything less. I will continue to go to the grocery stores

One ain’t the loneliest number

After going through a horrible break up, I’ve lost interest in dating. I honestly don’t want to get into another relationship and have my heart broken again. I’m really getting used to living a single life and embracing it. The way things are going for me now, I honestly don’t need any significant other to define or complete me. Sure, life has been a lot quieter but after all is said and done, I love my single quiet life the way it is and would never change anything about it. All bones and no bull.


I rarely watch Netflix. Why do I keep paying for it? I have never watched Amazon Prime Video...I even have Apple +....why do i continue to pay for these services?

Feeling Used

Early 2020, it felt like I was "in this together" with an old friend of the opposite sex before the pandemic broke out. We found some common ground after my friend had some bad luck on Tinder. Then bad luck at work. Then health problems. It drained me but I was supportive. Then they sort of disappeared. Turns out they hooked up on Tinder again. I feel used as a surrogate, burned and kind of alone, and that the friendship was false.

Don't think people realize

Living life with social anxiety is like postpandemic behavior. Staying away from others... Isolated but wanting to get out there. I've had it for 35 years and my own personal experience hasn't been any different after the virus.


Marine Dr near Park Royal

You were driving a white 5 ton truck. I saw you as you were exiting the south mall. I made sure I...


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