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I want

To Leave but I have no where to go..

It's That Insane So You Obsess Unendingly

Just on haughtiness alone narcissists never apologize. I, lost other various engagements dammit! You obnoxious usurper! This honestly is sad. Insidiously stupid. Logic eventually overcomes narcissistic and romanticized delusions. This heartless inflicted subterfuge, I saw, the horrible endeavor, before everything sowed together. I, can't accept narcissistic, dangerous obsessions. Nobody owes whoever, infatuations. Holding on penalizes everyone. Your otherwise underhanded, accusations remain empty. So much arrogance repels trust. Ever notice others understand good humility? To obsess, so ever endlessly, the hopelessness is subjugating. I'm, merely inexplicably so sorry, whether how obsessive. You're over upset. Who eluded romantic endings? Talk or, move elsewhere. I, wish others understood love delusions. Such turmoil in loving love. My anxiety really remembers you. You obtusely underestimated.

Curious about the world

Now that the west is standing up for its rights on the international stage, everything is going to shit. Has the key to global peace been submitting to overseas regimes and turning a blind-eye to their actions all this time?


it's really frustrating when you do the responsible thing and 'reach out' - only to find that unless you're actively using, harming, drinking, delusional or planning on offing yourself, coastal health doesn't seem to have bupkes for you. i wouldn't mind if it wasn't for all the bullshit about how you should seek help BEFORE you get into that zone. admit that there is none till you're there, and i'll cross 'rage disorder' off the list of things that i guess i'll just keep on keeping on with alone.

thank you

i want to thank the drivers who let me cross the entire ironworkers' onramp and get to the dollarton turnoff, one sunday a few weeks ago. none of those people could know, but i had just moved my dad to palliative care in deep cove and then gone back to lgh for my car. i was absolutely desperate to get back to him and got a little lost in the lane selection. your kindness made it so i didn't have to cross all the way to vancouver before i could turn round. i just want you total strangers to know how much your small courtesy mattered that day. it was huge and i'm so grateful to you.

Drunk showers -

it’s a thing. Well, so I found out (for the first time) a few weeks back. The thing is, I’ve never been that insanely drunk before. I have to admit, I was always a casual drinker. A few weeks ago, I went out with classmates to celebrate the end of our health science bachelor’s and we all had a few too many (hah, ironic, I know). I didn’t black out, as most millennials tend to do when they go overboard with the drinking, so I remembered my night. One thing I remembered in particular: my shower at 3am. I remember sitting there, in the warmest shower I’ve ever had, eating my twenty piece chicken nuggets and drinking my iced coffee from McDonald’s. I confess that this was probably my favourite shower ever. Now I don’t know if that’s sad or just embarrassing...but it feels good to get that little thing off my mind (even though that shower pops in my head at random times).

In a few short weeks

I'll be back in Vancouver! I want to run into you more than anything and I want to not have that happen just as much.

Yoga teacher dom fantasy

Sometimes I imagine my yoga teacher is my dom... it’s very motivating to follow instructions when I’m in a submissive mindset. I think I get a better workout.

No Good Time

I found out I can't have children six months ago. I still haven't told my husband. It would really upset him because he wants to be a dad. Every time I am going to tell him its just never the right time. I am scared he's going to leave me if I tell him.

Wreck Beach burners

It was better when they weren't there... when it was lame nudists and weirdos. Burners are the worst sort of hipster. At least they have to take their skinny jeans off at Wreck so that we don't know that they are hipsters (although the shy, reserved, lame hipsters still don't).


Weekend Brunch with your son

I saw you having breakfast with your son when I walked in with my daughter. I gave you a little...

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