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Is there going to be a "bright side" ??

Sometimes during the last few months people would tend to look only at the dark side of the situation but slowly people made the best of this quarantine by doing what they could with what they had, and made the most of it. At the same time, wildlife and mother nature responded and we had some good results. I know what I learned from this but has everyone really thought about what this could mean? What about a trend to keep safe indefinitely which means being cleaner, being responsible for one's health, spending more time with family and less time driving around, etc. There are public health benefits but also many others, it is a throwback to times past in many ways and it works well

I found her

I was having a very rough time after a breakup. My ex sent me pictures of myself taken many years ago, where I looked young and happy. He said he misses that girl. I said I miss her too. He said I should tell him when I find her. So after thinking about it I’ve realized a few things: firstly, I aged just like he did, and I’ve never made him feel badly about his own physical changes. Secondly, one of the reasons I stopped being happy was because I was in a relationship with someone who constantly criticized me, judged me, and made me feel that I was never good enough to please him. And finally, I realized that I’ve found that girl again and all it took was to lose him. Will I be telling him? Hell no.

Urban wildlife

One of the interesting things is that I did not leave Vancouver on good terms. I wanted to stay. I loved the city. I loved my neighbour hood of 10+ years. The place I worked at got bought out. The place I lived in did not desire me as they could only charge a small amount per year increase in rent. I was temporarily evicted when the bank made an error in 1 rent payment in 5 years. and so on... I still long for a return but what pushed me out is what will inevitably cause a longer hardship for Vancouverites than BCers as a whole.

Enjoy it while you can

If anyone asked me what’s one good thing that’s come out of Covid-19, I’d say it’s the fact that public transit is not as crowded as it was before. At least I can find a seat and my rides home are much shorter. Enjoy the spacious atmosphere while you can before everything goes back to normal, which by the way I mean being congested like sardines in a tin can.

I guess I like Pink Eye?

Saw a beautiful woman with pink eye. Well not conjunctivitis...but like pink makeup all above her eyes under her eye brows. I don't understand the style I guess... but she was super hot anyway.

Hey dog people

Listen up. Know when yer walkin' precious and you toss his business in the bin? If say said bin is overflowing! with waste do you think you might do the responsible thing and TAKE IT HOME AND FLUSH IT


The lady at st Paul's wanting to use the washroom but they didn't let you until you said you were going to pee on the spot. That broke my heart cause, I know it's a pandemic but we should have plans like porter potties if there are no public washrooms. No one should be in tears over wanting to use a washroom. That is all have some compassion we are still humans. Thanks


2019 was one of the most fucked up years of my life. Horrible horrible year. I kept saying "2020 is gonna be a much better year." Perhaps I spoke too soon.


So I was riding my bike along 10th Ave the other day. I noticed a sign in an upper window that read “I miss human touch”. I assume it meant due to the virus. I’m fifty seven and haven’t had any human touch since my late forties. What an empty lonely feeling realizing COVID 19 is going to make it even more difficult to meet someone.

I think for the most part

BC people have abided by the social distancing rules and the relatively low numbers of coronavirus infections in our province are a testament to this. So I read today that city council is considering allowing drinking at parks and beaches. OK, so let's take thousands of folks who have been cooped up for the past several months, bring on the nice, warmer summer weather and suddenly allow outdoors drinking in public places. Right, nothing can possibly go wrong with this idea. <sigh>


Lime-green-yellow bike helmet guy, biking...

You: were biking on the Adanac bike path just before Templeton School. It had just started to...


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