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So disappointed

When I’m on the bus I want to look out the window. Now they have these advertisements all over!!! And when i do look out, the blurry dots hurt my eyes. Who at Translink thought this would be a good idea? I don’t want to be on my phone, I want to look at what’s going on out there.

Feel Awful

Told his Wife and feeling horrible. Lost a close friend and lover.

Sex and/or love.

One of my buddies whom I've known forever has recently started a relationship with a person with whom he is, by his own admission, very sexually compatible. He's very happy as it can be difficult to find someone whose libido and preferences match your own. While I'm happy my buddy's having a great time (and seems much more relaxed! ha-ha) he's told me that he's in love and is thinking of marriage. I think he's mistaking great sex for love and they're just not the same thing. Love and sex are linked, for sure, but they're not the same. His new partner travels quite a bit for work so, cumulatively, they haven't spent much time together and, when they are together, they're busy making up for lost time. I don't want my friend to get hurt if it turns out, as I suspect, that his partner is just enjoying a fun, physical relationship with no thought (or expectation) for the long term while my friend's out shopping for engagement rings. I worry that if I say any of this to him he'll think that I'm jealous and unsupportive. He's my oldest friend and I just don't want him to set himself up for a messy, painful fall. Maybe I'm projecting my own issues onto him?

Hey next time

You go for that bottle of booze, think about this. Its not going to help anything, probably make things worse. You think your fun and strong and unstopable, life of the party, out going. But your not! and you can and will probably say mean hurtful things, maybe hurt someone and generally act like a drunken Asshole most times! ,And do crazy stuff you would nt normally do.. So next morning you wake up, headache size of Manhattan, so dry and achey, lots of puking, cant even drink water because gasoline and water dont mix. Basicly thats what booze is. It wont solve your problems, you will loosen your pocketbook though. Cheers Try Weed:)

This is how it goes

I just bought a Christmas sweater. Not too cheap, but not too extravagant or anything. Kinda tacky, but a bit subtle. It was red. I just know I’m gonna wear this once a year then put it back in the closet and save it for next year. And the year after that then the year after that.

Don't let the moment pass

Everyone has trials and tribulations. No one has walked in our shoes, and I have never walked in anyone elses. I have learned though, when the pendulum swings, like it has for me for the time, to not let the moment pass without stopping to live it. Pumping the brakes as I run for the bus... not today. Stop. Breathe. When the good days are here, don't start thinking about how to take on the stress when it comes back, which it will. Stop. Today the world is beautiful. Rainy and cold. But beautiful. It'll be lonely other days. But not today. <3

Music sharing is more intimate than sex

I know. It sounds absurd. But musical taste tells a lot about person. Once I dated a guy that I thought shared my musical taste and also expanded my music library with really great selections. Then I realized that he was actually into bad 90's emo music and really lame edm. The music he shared with me was usurped from the other women he was dating at the same time. I wish I could get their numbers from him, they all had great taste. In music. He was a total douchebag.

Blank Canvas

When you approach people with seething anger, dishonesty and a sense of entitlement, you don't deserve loving kindness in return. You deserve humble pie to the face. I made seconds knowing about your appetite for hubris.

Want to leave

I'm so stuck. Recently married but my spouse and I haven't talked in weeks. Think we made a mistake. Work has been so overwhelming: too busy and i'm expected to do things i've never done without any direction or help. Started regularly crying at work. Trying to find a place to live that I can afford and that I don't have to share and that is still in vancouver. On top of it trying to keep my anger in check as the wealthy shit all over this city and the people struggling to live here. Now i'm getting suicidal thoughts more often and just want to get away. Either move somewhere without telling anyone where or just fucking kill myself. I don't know. It's all too heavy, I can't breathe.


I don't have a great history with sex. Guys I've been with, I was basically a utilitarian piece. They were okay both sexually and in general. Last month I decided after a 2 year hiatus post horrific relationship and break-up, I'd give in to online "dating" and met a guy. Sex was amazing, he is gorgeous, and super sweet during, before and after sex. But now I'm getting feelings because of the niceness. The great sex is a super bonus, and I love our little chats. However, not knowing much about FWB dynamics, I assume he doesn't feel the same. Texts are just set ups for sexy times. But the sweetness when we are together gets me every time. I need this in my life constantly. Hopeless romantic.


Smiles at YVR

We were on the same flight from Minneapolis. I accidentally opened the door on someone in the...

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