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I'm Sorry

You just were'nt strong enough to love me. Goodbye

Life of a man

I was 29 years old before a woman other than my mom called me handsome.


I'm so fucking sick of them always protesting always blowing pot smoke into our youths faces always lazy and not looking hard for jobs always unpatriotic & disrespectful of our flag & military army.....they can fuck them self's

Finally I am brave

I recently gained the courage to become more assertive and stop putting up with my unacceptable work situation. This week I will talk to someone important who will hopefully help me fix things and I will also ask out this guy who I've liked for awhile, but maybe next week hahaha. I am scared but I think I will do all of this. Wish me luck!

Nightmares About Work

When I start dreaming about things I need to do at work and wake up to a mess at home, I know that the stress is starting to get to me and either it's time to go on vacation or move on. The truth is I know exactly what's bothering me and what I need to do.


I hate being fat. Its bad for my health, career, and personal life. I just get so depressed and then it causes me to eat and eat. The food companies are putting addictive chemicals in the food which makes me eat even more. I am going to lose 150 pounds starting tomorrow and my life will get so much better.

Thank-you, men

I was on skytrain tired with a suitcase. When I got to Roundhouse I was having trouble up the stairs. A wonderful man ran after me and carried my bag. Waiting for the 23 bus I noticed a young couple with a baby- when the bus arrived the man took my bag and placed it on the little elevator with the pram, then brought it to me up front. When I went to alight he absolutely sprinted to once again help me. In both cases their aid was almost invaluable- I'd had a long day and am pretty old- and was so restorative to my tired spirit. I've never given up on men and they occasionally prove me right! Many thanks to two exceptionally thoughtful men. xoxo

Take On Me

I feel like the male protagonist at the end of the video, thrashing back and forth against the door jamb, caught between the comic book world and the human world, just trying to reunite with my person.

June gloom

That's what San Fran had every year. June was cold and gloomy and with climate change, we're getting their weather. They must be getting Mexico, so goodness knows what the equator is getting (Venus, perhaps?) So...uh..count on June being a wash from now on. July's better, though.


Don't like them? Then don't get any, simple as that


Pulp Fiction employee

I was there picking in an order Sunday the 23rd. Afterwards as I was browsing you came out to...

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