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Roommate is gone

I am going to make popcorn and watch a movie with my headphones on anyways.

It just feels like a wonderful time

It's actually really nice to be a fully grown adult male in their early 30s. You have this weird adult figure that is quite attractive if you keep good care of yourself. It's a good day :)

Hard to find

In other countries, I can find politically moderate goth girls... but not in Canada... at least Vancouver. Dating is brutal for the alternative folks here.


It's been 7 months since I've seen my friends, and I'm a calmer, happier more positive person for it. When we wouldn't hang out I would always hear about work and relationship problems, that was basically it. I don't think even those people realize how unhappy they are. I feel so much better for the isolation.

New technology

The US has stumbled upon some “unworldly” technology, which makes me happy. Now we are ready for space travel to Mars. We can go live in a covid-free world there and make margaritas all day long. Got to love technology.

Post-stalker effects

Unless you’ve been the target of a stalker, you probably wouldn’t realize how the experience affects you long-term. It’s been over 10 years since it last happened (at least that I’m aware of), but I’m still reluctant to be photographed, use online dating sites, work somewhere where I have to be publicly seen all the time, or even seek out work in the same industry as my stalker, even though I was a specialist in that industry myself. Chances are that they never think of me anymore, but the anxiety and severe stress that they put me through for years took its toll, and I’m not sure that it’s something I’ll ever really get past. There’s always this lingering fear that they’ll rear their ugly head in my life again, so I remain permanently on edge and vigilant. PTSD does that to a person.

Beer beer beer

Glad I’m slow going back to work all I’ve been doing in drinking my weight in beer during this lock down. At least when I’m at work I stay sober

Staying Cool

After washing my hands when I get home, the clothes come off and it's right into the tub for a cool shower for me. After that, at most I'll put on a pair of loose fitting, cotton shorts. I put a cool, wet towel on my forehead and turn on the fan. The way things are going, I may sleep on my balcony and start refrigerating my clothes for the next work day.


I finally went to the beach which is my favourite thing in life. I wore lots of sunscreen but still burnt to a crisp. Now I have awful tan lines and I’m a lobster. :(

Going to wOrk

I just got a “Looking for a job? Join the CAF” advertisement on my phone for some reason. Does that mean I get to go commando at work? Wait... already do! I work from home.


Marble Canyon Motorcycle man, lady with...

We met at Marble Canyon, near little town Clinton, I was driving a new Volkswagon, I asked you if...


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