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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I loaned out some crutches. My trust in people is super low, but I make the mistake of forgetting I shouldn't be kind from time to time. There was a good chance I would never see the crutches again. Anyway, they did return them! And not only that, they gifted me lucky bamboo. Great! But the internet suggests that if lucky bamboo dies it's 29 years of bad luck. One of the stalks is yellow. I'm thinking I was actually cursed here...

Not enough

When you've been at a job for as long as I have...4 weeks of vacation is not enough.

Last year

I was in a toxic work environment and felt hopeless. Being bullied to death and manipulated by ignoramuses nearly cost me a great deal of my mental health. The whole experience just sucked the life out of me. It seemed like there was no way out and I contemplated leaving months earlier, but held on because I tried to fight until the bitter end. It was a losing battle, definitely not a win win situation. So I did something that I never thought I would do. I straight up walked right out the door. Didn’t give any notice.

Uncertain World

I'm going to take real care to savor and appreciate Christmas with my family this year.


My bf is completely obsessed with his appearance. We’re both seniors, and this obsession of theirs is becoming more than tedious. I’ve known him for 20 years, and he’s always been very vain and self-absorbed, but even though I know that he’s actually very insecure and that’s why he’s so obsessed, it’s still driving me crazy. He’s always asking me to admire his body and tell him how good he looks. He almost never says a thing about my appearance, even though he knows that I’m feeling badly about it due to some serious health setbacks over the past few years, and just normal female aging issues. I’m just not sure how much more of this I can take. I want a guy who has enough depth of character to comprehend that what I’d be more impressed with at this stage of our lives is mental and spiritual growth, and not just how many f’ing push ups he can do.

Old as time

I have a secret dirty old man crush on this black belt amazonian wonder woman that's old enough to be my daughter. If only I were me 20 years ago with all my hair and a lot less scars. Maybe my next purchase should be a motorbike. I want to feel alive and young again. I want to forget everything that I had lost. I wish I could go back and keep my hair and dodge all of my scars.

With shorter days

it gets dark so early that I find myself going to bed earlier and earlier as there's nothing to do. Yesterday it was 8 : 30 !

Sexy Fingers

I think you know you're in love with someone when you start to really care about some random weird part of their body you never thought about before on anyone else. Like the shape of their nose. Or their ear lobes. Or their knees. In my case it was their fingers. Long light olive fingers. The kind of fingers that are meant for artistic pursuits. Piano, weaving, drawing. They had a nervous habit of picking at the skin around the nail. Somehow it was all really endearing to me.

Always say something stupid

I don’t know why but I always end up saying some stupid thing around people. I get so embarrassed after like I wanna hide away and pretend I don’t exist.


Elevator Ride with pretty Australian

We shared the elevator, socially distanced and masked, the other day. A very brief conversation...


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