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You've got

That cat scratch fever. Hell Ya (Cat scratch fever) Oh Ya Cat scratch fever !! Can you hear me now? Its Spring Man :) Meow Bahaha Dumbass

I'm stupid

I made a serious mistake. I left my husband for a guy that is an ugly, narcississtic scumbag, who is a testosterone and human growth hormone junkie. Now when I see my (ex) husband on tinder I swipe right but he swipes left. How could I be so stupid to leave the most handsome man I've ever see for an ugly bald guy with a round head, that looks like a turtle? Who knows Regrets....

Friends special!

I cannot wait to see Chandler and Monica as a fat old couple :)

Love the changes

The news is now reporting the truth. Now they are talking about people voting for a populist liberal democrat and centrist republican. You wouldn’t have been allowed to say that 3 years ago... cool! I have a bit of faith restored! The pendulum is swinging back to reality.


I'm in my 30s with a wonderful partner . Yet not close to being married, having kids or financial stability . All my friends have seemed to have disappeared and have started their own families or the others are extemely single trying to relive their 20s. I see a couple of them once in a blue moon, but it's just so different It's so weird I feel more alone than before. I'm sure I'm not the only one .

It's so nice to see her again

I never expected it. But in the new Star Trek, Seven of Nine comes back. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! She is sooooo hot and amazing!

I hate my roommate

It's just brutal. She's so uptight and fake. I try to get on the same page and be that fake cheery... but then I turn fake. Ugh. It's so draining too. It's like acting.


City square area

Tall, black hair, black leather jacket, with a heavy accent. I see you also left late work late...

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